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    Improving blood glucose control in type 1 diabetic patients New mechanism therapy Phase 2 clinical results are positive

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Type 1 diabetes accounts for about 5% of people with diabetes and mostly develops in childhood or adolescenceThe patient's own insulin secretion is insufficient, need to receive the life-long treatment of foreign insulin, if the treatment is not properor or not timely will lead to serious complications leading to deathType 1 diabetes can be divided into autoimmune and iexclusiveire type 1 diabetesAutoimmune type 1 diabetes islet autoantibodies are mostly positive, suggesting that the cause may be autoimmune response damage islet beta cells caused by ketone or ketoacidosisThe cause of iexclusiveithasic type 1 diabetes is not yet clearthere is no effective cure for type 1 diabetes, patients need to be supplemented with insulin and other complementary drugs to achieve the goal of maintaining normal blood sugar, reducing hypoglycemia and associated complicationsWhile there are many drugs that help treat type 1 diabetes, it is not enough for patients, some of whom do not respond well to existing drugs, and some of which are unbearable for their side effects, so it is necessary to develop diabetes drugs that differ from existing drug mechanismsTTP399 is an oral glucose kinase activator designed by vTv Therapeutics to activate glucose kinases only in the liver for optimal glucose controlIn the liver, glucose kinase is a key regulator of glucose metabolism, and studies have shown that activation increases glucose utilization, thereby lowering blood sugarSimplici-T is a multi-centered, randomized, double-blind and adaptive study designed to evaluate the safety, tolerance, pharmacological characteristics and efficacy of TTP399 as a potential complementary drug for type 1 diabetesIn June 2019, vTvTherapeutics reported the final results of Phase 2 Part 1 of the study: TTP399 was well tolerated, had no severe hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, blood lipids and liver damage after taking, and significantly reduced glycated hemoglobin levels after 12 weeks of usePhase 2 studies are currently under way to assess the effectiveness of TTP399 in patients with type 1 diabetes who are administered daily and last for more than 12 weeksnew trial data include scants on blood glucose levels using continuous blood glucose monitors and insulin doses for patientsThe results showed that the tTP399 group of patients at the end of treatment compared to the control group, the time in which blood sugar levels were within the target range increased by 11% (2.7 hours) per day compared to the pre-treatment baseline, and the normal blood sugar time increased by 12% (1.7 hours) during important waking periods (7 a.mto 9 p.m.)Moreover, the daily insulin dose was reduced by 23% in the TTP399 treatment group, compared with 4% for the control group, while the blood glucose control was significantly improvedTTP399 treated patients with fewer level1 (54-70 mg/dl) and 2 levels (54 mg/dl) of hypoglycemia compared to the control group "Our research published in June showed that TTP399 reduced glycated hemoglobin levels by 0.7% compared to placebo, and the newly released results further confirm the end-line efficacy results of TTP399," said Steve Holcombe, President and CEO of vTvTherapeutics "
    References the vTv Therapeutics Sio Sio Positive Data From the 2 Simplici-T1 Study in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes at 55th Meeting Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Retrieved Sep 18, 2019, from
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