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    In 2020, the market value of road marking coatings will reach 2.62 billion U.S. dollars

    • Last Update: 2021-10-12
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    Global Coatings Network News:

    In order to ensure road traffic safety, the demand for coatings for road signs and safety lines is increasing, especially in North America and European countries.
    The construction of infrastructure, new roads, and technical services for old roads have all promoted the development of the road sign
    coating market .
    Industry professionals look forward to the emergence of a road sign intelligent system in the near future, which can react to temperature, humidity, and road conditions.

    Coatings Market Coatings Market Coatings MarketCoatings Market

    The analysis team Frost&Sullivan predicts that the market value of road marking coatings will grow from 2.
    23 billion US dollars in 2013 to 2.
    62 billion rubles in 2020.
    Europe will become the largest consumer of high-end coatings, while North America will consume a large amount of water-based road marking coatings.

    Frost&Sullivan experts pointed out: European and North American governments advocate optimizing road infrastructure and expanding the road sign coating market.
    They encourage research on materials with high visibility, high sliding resistance, and good stability.
    In the future, manufacturers will also study road marking coatings that are sensitive to temperature and other conditions.
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