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    In July 2014, new drug R & D achievements of listed pharmaceutical companies were gratifying

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Among them, Zhejiang Zhenyuan has benefited a lot

    Four varieties have obtained new drug certificates or entered the administrative approval process

    Zhejiang Zhenyuan applied for the development of the emergency contraceptive pill, ulist acetate, which was developed by the French company HRAPharm

    It was listed in the European Union in 2009 and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 15, 2010

    In addition, Zhejiang Zhenyuan betamethasone dipropionate cream for pruritus and dermatitis is only produced by a few manufacturers such as Huabang Yingtai

    In addition to Zhejiang Zhenyuan, Changchun hi tech, huabangyingtai, Puluo pharmaceutical and other heavy new drugs have also entered the administrative approval process

    Rofluoristone is a new type of COPD treatment drug

    The original manufacturer is nekemine, which is used to treat the symptoms of bronchitis related cough and mucus excess in patients with severe COPD

    Previously, 17 pharmaceutical companies in Tianjin, Anhui, Beijing and other places applied for new drugs

    Judging from the progress of examination and approval, Huabang Yingtai has a high probability of taking the lead

    The live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine developed by Baike biology, a subsidiary of Changchun Hi Tech Holding Co., Ltd., belongs to 6 categories of biological products for prevention

    At present, there is no live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine product on the market in China

    More than 200 million elderly people in China are potential target population

    The target population for which the company applies for indications is more than 50 years old, with great market potential

    Before that, there was a competition between Beijing Wantai biology and Changchun hi tech, and Changchun hi tech passed the examination and approval

    Sofadel for injection, a new type of antihypertensive drug developed by the enterprise of pulo pharmaceutical, also obtained the approval document of phase I clinical trial in July

    Pulo pharmaceutical is applying for the first class new drug of cardiovascular chemicals for treating cerebral apoplexy

    In July, Hengrui pharmaceutical, Haizheng pharmaceutical and Huahai pharmaceutical, the leaders of domestic pharmaceutical companies or the forerunners of old brand generic drugs, also made gains

    Ruigliptin metformin tablets, a new heavyweight type 2 diabetes drug of Hengrui medicine, has been approved by the administration

    Two dosage forms of gatifloxacin sodium chloride injection, bensulfonatracurium for injection, sodium citrate ringer injection and articaine hydrochloride have also been approved by the administration

    Haizheng pharmaceutical applied for a new photosensitizer of class 1.1 in 2011, passed the review of toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacy and other disciplines in July 2013, and obtained the clinical approval document in July this year

    It is reported that photodynamic therapy is a new technology being developed in the world, and photosensitizers are the key to photodynamic therapy

    Foreign experts predict that photosensitizers and anti-tumor drugs will be widely developed and applied in the next 10 years

    According to the approval in July, more pharmaceutical companies are adding new dosage forms of existing varieties

    In addition to several varieties of Hengrui medicine, there are also group A and group C meningococcal polysaccharide vaccines of Zhifei biology, aspirin dipyridamole sustained-release tablets of Yabao pharmaceutical, shetralin hydrochloride tablets of Huahai pharmaceutical, bivalutine for injection of xinlitai and tangminling dropping pills of Tianshi pharmaceutical , while the large-scale infusion of Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    and Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    has increased new dosage forms in large quantities, and has been approved or is in the process of approval.
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