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    In order to issue medical papers, they were cheated out of 6 million by a group of high school graduates

    • Last Update: 2020-11-17
    • Source: Internet
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    The evaluation system of Wen Wei's thesis has objectively become the soil to promote the scam.
    Zhang Wei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) who proposed the abolition of SCI papers as a one-vote rejection indicator for clinicians' assessment, said: People are most concerned about who is an excellent clinician, rather than seeing which doctor publishes a large number of SCI papers to see who.
    two years, more than 1000 health care workers were cheated by a group of junior and high school graduates more than 6 million.
    , a 41-year-old nurse from Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, is one of them.
    2019, she finally waited for the opportunity to evaluate the title, did not expect because of looking for someone to write, issue papers, happy tragedy.
    the title need to issue papers, but for many years did not write, Ms. Wang is very distressed.
    May 2019, she searched the Internet for "writing papers" and contacted a business that said she could not only send them, but even write them on their behalf and guarantee them.
    good price, Ms. Wang paid a deposit of 3000 yuan.
    , she received an article that was really relevant to the subject she was talking about, but that there was no research results and that it was difficult to publish them under normal circumstances.
    the other side but once again assured that as long as the contribution fee can be on the national journal, she again transferred 5500 yuan balance.
    , Ms. Wang never contacted the other side again, saying that the paper published in a journal at the end of 2019 had not been published.
    the end of April this year, she chose to call the police.
    only to find out that she was not alone in being deceived.
    , police in Jiangyan, Taizhou, arrested 12 suspects across the province.
    they defrauded more than 1000 health care workers to write and issue papers on behalf of the reasons, according to the level of the issued journals and the number of words issued to charge a fee of 5000 to 9000 yuan, promised to collect money within 3 months after publication.
    they don't contribute to a given publication, and if they do, they send the article to amateur magazines that don't have a journal number, or either don't reply directly.
    is that there are really health care workers holding these fake journals successfully rated as title.
    According to Caixin reported that the case police officer Sun Qiao introduced, "some hospitals as long as they see this book, the book has your article, the article has your signature, your unit, also will not go to verify whether this journal is real, give you a job title."
    so it doesn't matter if the victims feel fake.
    "the suspects are not a gang fighting.
    can find a number of similar cases in the adjudical clerical network, one involving 135 victims of medical care, involving more than 1.73 million people.
    behind these cases lies a hidden industrial chain.
    the evaluation system of "only SCI" and "paper only" has objectively become the breeding ground for these scams.
    medical staff: the title promotion needs the paper Liaoning Shenyang Dr. Liu experience and Ms. Wang similar, the difference is that met another fraud ring, and the fraudsters took the initiative to find him.
    In March 2016, Dr. Liu needed a promotion, just as a woman claiming to be the editor of a medical journal called him to say she could help him publish his paper in the journal Chinese Core Journal of Peking University.
    , who was in need, began to chat with the other side, and another colleague, Dr. Li, heard about it and commissioned it to help her publish her paper.
    contact, Dr. Liu paid 5000 yuan through WeChat to help colleagues transfer 7000 yuan.
    promised that the paper would be published in the journal World Chinese Medicine.
    later, the other side did not contact him, to the agreed date, the above-mentioned magazine also did not publish the two papers.
    paper is a big stone in the hearts of many doctors.
    is aimed at this demand, "paper generation generation industry" subdivided specifically for health care workers branch areas.
    "I can get ads for my thesis almost every day, and now the more detailed the department in the hospital, it is very difficult to find an academic innovation point, and it is difficult to have scientific research results, " said Dr. Li Wei, deputy director of the Infection General Department at Beijing You'an Hospital.
    these objective reasons have given birth to the sale of papers and paper fraud.
    , as a front-line clinician, Li worked far more than the state-mandated 40 hours a week, with few full weekend breaks, the China Youth Daily reported.
    to study the subject to write a paper, he can only squeeze in a few breaks.
    firmly grasp the needs of the target group and even if deceived also dare not speak out psychological characteristics, supplemented by the operation of the company, complete words, and even false journals and magazines, the success rate of fraud has been improved.
    and Dr. Liu appeared in the judgment as victims, with eight people from seven hospitals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hebei and Hainan, who were defrauded of 668,000 yuan.
    from the hospital level, from the third to second-level hospitals and other levels of hospital care there are such needs.
    are also related to the above-mentioned jurisprudence involving eight victims, which have a co-owner named Liu Jie, under the name of three companies acting for the thesis business.
    from Liu Jie's story, we can see the operation mode of a paper counterfeiting company.
    "Be a magazine friend" in March 2012, 24-year-old college culture Liu Jie arrived in Beijing, introduced by his brother-in-law Li to know some of the magazine friends, launched a journal publishing business.
    brother-in-law is in the QQ group to know these friends, these people claim to be able to do Peking University core, science and technology core medical journal supplement or journal, national and provincial medical journals.
    business has developed rapidly, in July of the same year, Liu Jie registered in Beijing to set up The Boat Mountain Company, in 2013 Hengyang Branch was established, in 2016 the third company fell in Changsha, Hunan Province.
    Liu Jie is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company and extensive recruitment and training of operators, organize staff to produce fraudsters, ask operators to conceal their true identity and office address, impersonate medical journal editors, call medical staff throughout the country, in order to help medical staff in the core medical journals are publishing papers, for them to assess the use of job title as a reason, and medical staff to reach a collaboration on behalf of the writing of papers.
    most of these "friends who do magazines" work with magazines, and are responsible for the collection, editing, typography, printing, etc. of magazine supplements, academic essay collections or general issues.
    But in fact, only articles published in the journal's main issue can help customers evaluate their job title, and articles published in supplements, comprehensive editions, electronic journals, essay collections, etc. outside the journal are not valid for promotion.
    this, Mr Liu is well aware that he will educate the staff to vaguely state the nature of the journal when he first makes business contact.
    the next step is to produce false draft notices and use supplements to pretend to be positive, in order to fulfill the promise of touting.
    set of scams and processes is the most important thing for Liu Jie's company.
    company has four business groups responsible for contacting health care workers, named Eagle Group, Yanyan Group, Yan Group and Endeavour Group, each group has 9 sales staff, set up a network salesman and telephone sales staff positions.
    network salesman's main job is to find the QQ group of periodical thesis agent on the Internet, after entering the group to advertise in the group - "a certain magazine in the collection, there is a need to add QQ contact."
    these agents have client resources on hand, but they can't complete all the client's needs, such as speaking to the client about the topic of the paper, finding a hand-written manuscript, publishing a paper, and Liu Jie's company can work with them to serve the customer.
    direct contact with customers is also an important means of access, teles sales staff do this thing.
    company requires that each teles salespable "call no less than 90 minutes a day, less than 90 minutes will be charged."
    the first thing every new phone salesman has to do is learn a copy on the company's computer called "The Culture of Boat Mountain", "which is a conversation like some lines."
    then follow the old employee to learn how to call the customer.
    key to success is to gain the trust of our customers.
    a murdered doctor said in his testimony that a strange woman who claimed to be the editor of a medical journal "trusted her" after tweeting about her frequent medical papers in her circle of friends.
    The use of Beijing's mobile phone number or Beijing 010's beginning of the fixed phone number, QQ number micro-signal attribution has been changed to Beijing Haidian District, claiming to be the editor of a medical journal, these are ways to make customers unquestionable.
    to the typographical printing of false magazines, need to send to customers, will be specially first sent to Beijing, and then from Beijing to send to customers.
    because "magazines are usually in Beijing, sending them from Beijing will make customers think that the book is sent directly from the magazine."
    in order to retain customers and reduce the risk of being reported to the police, the company also made a series of rules in the art.
    For some such as "World Chinese Medicine" "Global Chinese Medicine" and other really in Beijing magazines, the company asked salesmen such magazine papers published do not accept Beijing customers, "afraid of customers to the magazine to verify the magazine's true and false", "afraid of the police."
    Moremore, the company requires that you try not to accept articles written by the doctor himself, "because doctors who find themselves writing articles can not be published, it is likely that the police will be reported, and if the articles written on behalf of can not be published, doctors are worried about affecting their work, it is likely that they will choose not to call the police."
    " for doctors to publish papers from high-level to low-level divided into the core of Peking University, science and technology source core, national and provincial categories.
    is too difficult to publish in the core of Peking University and the core of science and technology sources, the company can only do supplements and comprehensive editions.
    can't be said to be an supplement or a comprehensive edition when you start contacting a customer, as specified in the training technique.
    And if the health care initiative to ask the journal is not the correct issue, the corresponding way is, not a positive answer, only tell the other side that this is a comprehensive online can be found, can be used as a rating title.
    set of technical materials also includes tips for communicating with doctors, including asking them what title they need to rate and at what level of publication they need to publish.
    to the doctor to ask why agreed to publish in one publication, actually published in another publication, found that the supplement is not useful, proposed to contact the magazine to check the manuscript, found that the paper was delayed published and so on, how to deal with some settings.
    to complete the scam, there are two important physical needs to be confessed to the customer.
    one is a letter of acceptance for a paper in a journal magazine, and the other is that the article really appears in a journal.
    the former is relatively easy, Liu Jie's approach is to do their own fake "draft notice" issued to customers.
    about a dozen templates on the company's computer, and one magazine is an electronic template, each with the magazine's name and electronic chapter.
    need to issue a paper recruitment notice when the group leader made their own.
    notice states that the article has been reviewed and can be published in journals, as well as the cost of publishing the article.
    A victim's statement mentioned that he had found that the notice of use received was different from the notice of acceptance he had submitted, and asked the editor of Ship Hill, and the answer was, "They operate through internal relationships, unlike the normal way, so that they don't ask so much."
    " and he eventually remitted a total of 20,000 yuan.
    Almost all of the victims had received notices of use in paper or electronic editions, but not everyone in journals and magazines that had published papers had received them, and most of the victims had "not received magazines/journals" after paying a series of remittances for the purpose of writing papers, review fees, operating fees, layout fees, and urgent fees.
    They usually call the magazine to inquire about the publication of the paper, learn that they have not received their own paper, ask the editor's name to know that they have not previously contacted the editor, or check the magazine's employment number of the article, only to know that they were deceived.
    contact with the "editor" again, "the other side pushed and shoved, and then can not contact."
    " has been published, but not in previously promised journals.
    one victim recalled that the self-proclaimed editor said he could help him publish a paper in the Chinese Journal of Oncology at the core level of Peking University Chinese for senior job title evaluation.
    13,000 yuan, received the "Chinese Cancer Journal" draft notice.
    , after many times urging him to receive a "Chinese traditional medicine" paper collection, not the agreed "Chinese Cancer Journal."
    " essay collection is not a positive issue and cannot be used for the evaluation of senior job title.
    if she knew it was a collection of papers or supplements or something, it would be impossible to send her money.
    " A Chinese medicine magazine has a cooperation agreement, responsible for the "Chinese traditional medicine" magazine clinical medicine collection of the manuscript, editing, scheduling, printing work of Xiong said that he and Liu Jie's brother-in-law Li has an oral agreement, the other side to provide medical aspects Related articles, its article published in the "Chinese Medicine Journal" clinical medicine collection, each article charges each other 1500-1800 yuan fee, it promises to be able to retrieve the article in the China Knowledge Network conference database and Veep online storage data.
    " is an academic collection of papers, either a positive issue or a supplement, is an internal publication, there is no publication license and supplemental filing number, can not be published publicly.
    " to the magazine sample of the cover clearly stated the "Chinese Medicine Journal" clinical medicine collection of the words, and sent to the customer's special collection cover did not indicate the title of the collection, modeled on the cover of the magazine added international and domestic number, it seems to be the cover of the issue.
    because doctors publish papers to assess job title and have to be published in a positive way.
    the collection, which is modelled on the original issue, was "printed in a printing plant in Langfang, Hebei Province".
    Another Li, who is in charge of the supplement to Global Chinese Medicine magazine, confirmed to the public security authorities that only three of the more than 100 issues of Global Chinese Medicine magazine had been provided, and the rest were fake magazines made by Liu Jie's own company.
    these "friends who do magazines" are not unaware that Liu Jie they do fake magazines, they are also an important part of the industrial chain.
    " in
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