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    In order to make a "good dish", how should the offline vegetable garden cooperate with the online vegetable basket?

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    Original title: In order to make a "good dish", how should the offline vegetable garden cooperate with the online basket

    Vegetable baskets and rice bags are basic projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood.
    China is a large vegetable producer and a large vegetable consumer


    On November 22, at the "Online Vegetable Basket · China's High-quality Vegetable Industry Development" seminar, Yin Chengjie, member of the Rural Revitalization Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture, believed that the offline production of vegetables should be combined with the online vegetable basket.
    The combination of development is an important form in the modern agricultural product circulation system.
    It is a new form of circulation that can quickly, efficiently and safely deliver vegetables to consumers through online forms.
    It can also promote employment and help rural laborers.
    Revitalization and integration of urban and rural economy


    What kind of sparks will happen online and offline

    "The e-commerce platform uses modern information technology to speed up the establishment of a modern marketing system for agricultural products, connect producers and consumers with new models, new formats and new experiences, and promote vegetable production and industrial development.
    It has played a very good role in the modernization of agriculture and rural areas

    " Yin Chengjie said


    Shouguang City, Shandong Province is known as the "Hometown of Vegetables" in China
    Li Yongguang, deputy secretary of the Shouguang Municipal Party Committee, said that Shouguang Vegetable currently has 16 national geographical indication products and regularly publishes China Shouguang Vegetable Price Index.
    The development level of vegetable brands is in a leading position in the country

    In recent years, it has focused more on the in-depth integration of the vegetable industry and e-commerce.
    It has jointly launched the "Online Vegetable Expo" with Pinduoduo, launched the Shouguang Vegetable Museum in Pinduoduo, and signed a contract with Duoduo University to accelerate the cultivation of vegetable e-commerce talents


    "Bringing the new technologies, new logic, and new business formats of new e-commerce to the fields of China's vast rural areas can effectively help alleviate poverty and continue rural revitalization
    " said Dirac, vice president of Pinduoduo


    Li Qingze, chief expert of the Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, believes that domestic vegetable production areas such as Shouguang, Shandong have a lot of cooperation with the largest agricultural product uplink platform, and modern information technology can be used to strengthen product standardization and branding.
    "Single product drive , Rolling year after year, all parties are linked”, and a new path of online and offline integration has been established


    Ke Bingsheng, chairman of the China Rural Professional Technology Association and former president of China Agricultural University, suggested that e-commerce platforms can start from the characteristics of vegetable demand and vegetable circulation elements, and combine modern information technology such as network traceability mechanisms and consumer portraits to address the needs of the people and vegetables.
    Unbalanced supply and demand in production areas, quality loss in circulation links, and standardization problems caused by unstable production factors


    Cooperate with various entities to fill up the shortcomings of the new model

    One end of the development of the vegetable industry is the producer who "sticks to the feet", and the other end is the consumer who pursues cost-effectiveness

    Wang Fengzhong, director of the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, did a small survey on the purchase of agricultural products on the e-commerce platform
    He pointed out that as the new model grows, some new problems will naturally arise, such as non-standardization and loss of circulation

    In this process, all parties involved in the entire supply chain of vegetable production and circulation must collaborate to make up for shortcomings such as standardization and cold chain


    "In the process of warehousing and logistics, how to ensure the delivery of the last mile and ensure the quality and safety of food is one of the problems facing the field of vegetable circulation
    " Luo Yunbo, former dean of the Food College of China Agricultural University and director of the Special Food Research Center Say

    In this regard, Gao Juncai, the former director of the Department of Rural Economics of the National Development and Reform Commission, suggested that under the general situation of new infrastructure, the government and enterprises should work together to do a good job and strengthen the construction of cold chain logistics


    Liu Fuzhong, a researcher at the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, also suggested that in the process of selling rural vegetables to cities, some of the current problems can be solved through the construction of green production methods and green traceability systems.
    The standardized production bases, high-quality agricultural products bases, and export agricultural products bases of the Ministry of Rural Affairs are connected to provide consumers with assured and high-quality dishes

    At the same time, Huang Jiazhang, head of the Plant Food and Nutrition Policy Research Center of the Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, also suggested that e-commerce platforms should clarify the entry threshold and guide the vegetable industry to quality and nutrition

    (Reporter Ma Aiping)

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