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    In response to market demand, the pharmaceutical equipment industry presents three major trends

    • Last Update: 2022-08-15
    • Source: Internet
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    [Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis] The development of the pharmaceutical equipment industry is closely related to the development of the pharmaceutical indust.
    With the continuous introduction of the country's innovative development policies for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the public's increased attention to drug safety, and the tightening of industry supervision, pharmaceutical companies are more concerned about the safety, production efficiency, stability, economy and other aspects of pharmaceutical equipme.
    higher requiremen.
    In this context, some pharmaceutical equipment companies actively respond to market demand, continuously strengthen independent research and development and technological innovation, and improve the manufacturing level and production capacity of equipme.
    The industry as a whole presents three trends of integration, automation and intelligence, and is gradually realizing Import substitution of high-end pharmaceutical equipme.
     Pharmaceutical equipment (Source: Pharmaceutical Network) In terms of the integration process, with the advancement of the new version of GMP, the requirements for the pharmaceutical process continue to increase, and the high integration of pharmaceutical equipment is also more need.
    The integration of pharmaceutical equipment refers to the integration of several unit processes of the pharmaceutical process, and as far as possible, it is completed in one equipment or a set of interconnected equipment combinatio.
    The advantage of this is to avoid cross-contamination, thereby reducing the risk of drug quali.
    At the same time, the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, the occupation area is small, the required personnel is small, and the labor cost can also be reduc.
    In the context of the continuous improvement of drug quality requirements, the industry believes that continuous improvement of the integration level of pharmaceutical equipment will become an important factor for pharmaceutical machine companies to improve product competitivene.
    There are some mismatches between traditional pharmaceutical equipment and modern pharmaceutical compani.
    For example, the level of automation is low, and many drug bottle testing workshops still rely on semi-manual work, which not only has low testing efficiency, but also has a high error rate, which brings uncertainty to drug quality and safe.
    , and the health of employees may also be affect.
    Improving the automation level of pharmaceutical equipment is the key to breaking these bottlenec.
    Through the application of automation technology, manual participation can be greatly reduced, production efficiency and accuracy can be improved, and the stability of drug production quality can be ensur.
    Statistical analysis to better optimize the pharmaceutical process and production process, thereby reducing waste of resources and achieving the purpose of lean producti.
    Especially in the context of normalization of centralized procurement and the trend of drug price reduction, pharmaceutical companies are faced with the challenges of increasing production capacity and controlling cos.

    Improving the automation level of pharmaceutical machines and upgrading equipment and product lines have become the focus of many pharmaceutical compani.

    Intelligent technology also has an important impact on the pharmaceutical equipment indust.

    In recent years, with the rapid development of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology, China's manufacturing industry has been vigorously advancing towards intelligen.

    Intelligent equipment is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing indust.

    China has also issued a series of policies related to intelligent manufacturing such as the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the "Made in China 2025" plan to support the transformation of the pharmaceutical equipment indust.

    The intelligent layout of machine enterprises continues to accelera.

    For example, the new intelligent manufacturing model project accepted by Truking Technology in 2020 realizes the whole product life cycle management from R&D, manufacturing, logistics, service, e.

    China's pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are transforming into a new model of intelligent manufacturing; Tofflon has also been working hard to implement the vision of "smart factory delivere.

    It has continuously gained new opportunities on the road of intelligent development, and has successfully entered Western Europe, North America and other high schoo.

    Regulatory Mark.

    In addition, as Canaan Technology stated in an announcement on the reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's annual report inquiry letter in May, intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of domestic pharmaceutical companies and the need to participate in international competiti.

    In recent years, domestic pharmaceutical companies are actively deploying internationalization and seeking to "go overseas" due to intensified introversi.

    This process is inseparable from the support of high-end intelligent equipme.
    Canaan Technology mentioned that: the company will take advantage of this development opportunity, combine new pharmaceutical technology, automation control, computer technology, e.

    , to carry out forward-looking research on pharmaceutical equipment, improve the level of intelligence and automation of pharmaceutical equipment, and provide traditional pharmaceutical technolo.

    new solutionse.

    Capital Securities pointed out in the in-depth report that from the perspective of the development trend of pharmaceutical equipment, automation, intelligence, digitization and continuous production represent the future development direction of the indust.

    China Galaxy Securities also mentioned in the research report that the overall development of pharmaceutical equipment is one-stop, automated and continuo.

    In the future, with the continuous efforts of leading companies with technical experience and R&D advantages, the market structure dominated by imports will gradually change, and the market share of leading companies is also expected to continue to increase, with high growth potenti.

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