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    In the epidemic situation, the indications of drugs are not clear, should they be used?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    In February 19th, the novel coronavirus infection diagnosis and treatment plan (Sixth Edition) was announced

    The new version of the treatment plan included chloroquine and avidor phosphate as antiviral drugs, and it was clear that the plasma treatment for the rehabilitation patients was suitable for patients with faster progression, severe and dangerous conditions

    On February 18, the fifth medical center of PLA General Hospital published an article in the international well-known medical journal Lancet

    The biopsy results of lung, liver and heart showed that the lung cells were desquamated and hyaline membrane was formed, indicating the emergence of acute respiratory distress syndrome

    Timely and appropriate use of hormone, combined with ventilation treatment, should be considered to prevent the occurrence of acute respiratory distress syndrome in severe patients

    Liver biopsy showed moderate microvascular steatosis and mild lobular and portal activity, which may be caused by sars-cov-2 infection or drug-induced injury

    The results of peripheral blood analysis indicated that T cells were over activated, which led to severe immune damage in this patient to some extent

    This can be used for reference in the adjustment of clinical treatment strategy

    The novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (Fifth Edition) is not currently confirmed effective antiviral treatment

    Novel coronavirus infection in all parts of the country is basically based on guidelines and past clinical experience

    Novel coronavirus infection novel coronavirus infection treatments emerge in an endless stream

    In addition to the new treatment regimen of abdor and chloroquine phosphate, the academician recommended the new drug, the Dali, the drug expert diammonium glycyrrhizinate combined with VC for the treatment of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, and the timely announcement of potential therapeutic value of the drug

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia is currently being searched in the website of China clinical trial registration center

    121 clinical studies, such as Chinese and Western medicine and related treatment techniques, can be retrieved

    Among them, the treatment plan involves drugs, such as Teli azavirin, chloroquine phosphate, hydroxychloroquine, diammonium glycyrrhizinate capsules combined with vitamin C tablets, tobramab, aerosolized inhalation of Xiyanping injection, sodium aescinate for injection, glucocorticoid, recombinant high-efficiency composite interferon, aerosolized inhalation of recombinant virus macrophage inflammatory protein (vMIP), abidol hydrochloride tablets, Shuang Huanglian oral liquid, asc09 / ritonavir compound tablets and lopinavir / ritonavir (Coriolus), fabiravir, Reduning injection, baloshavir ester, darunavir, Lianhua Qingwen capsule, Tanreqing injection, Xuebijing injection, pinavir / ritonavir and ganzanetin - α 2B

    The first novel coronavirus registration was registered in January 23rd by the Wuhan golden Yin Tan Hospital

    A randomized, open, blank control study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of combined therapy of COVID-19 and leonavir / Tonave and interferon alpha 2b in hospitalized patients with new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19)

    The time of implementation was 2021-01-10 and the time needed for clinical research was completed

    The first clinical novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) will be completed by the people's Hospital of Wuhan University in February 29th

    The therapeutic efficacy of the new version of coronavirus pneumonia in the sixth edition can be seen that the efficacy of chloroquine phosphate has been verified by clinical trials

    According to the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, at present, the national excellent scientific research team uses computer simulation screening, in vitro enzyme activity test and other methods to screen more than 70000 drugs or compounds, select 5000 potential effective candidate drugs, conduct preliminary screening at the cell level of common coronavirus infection, and then select about 100 drugs in vivo A novel coronavirus activity experiment was carried out

    On the basis of multiple rounds of screening, the research team focused on a few drugs, such as chloroquine phosphate, rendisivir, and fabiravir

    The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a preliminary result of clinical results

    The results showed that chloroquine phosphate had certain effect on the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia

    Fabiravir is an overseas listed drug for the treatment of influenza

    At present, clinical trials have been carried out in Shenzhen, with more than 70 patients in the group, initially showing a relatively obvious effect and low adverse reactions

    At present, the clinical trials of lundesivir in foreign countries have not been completed

    On February 18, 2019, the lancet magazine published the analysis of pathological characteristics of patients in the fifth medical center of PLA General Hospital

    The pathological characteristics of covid-19 were similar to those of SARS and mers

    Since it is similar to SARS and mers, can we use the scheme to treat SARS and mers? At present, there is no clinical research to confirm how we should treat the drugs? At this time, fabiravir was approved for marketing

    It is a new RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitor, belonging to a broad-spectrum anti influenza virus drug developed by Fujifilm group Fushan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

    It is mainly used for the treatment of new and recurrent influenza and has become a national strategic reserve drug of Japan

    Haizheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    took the lead in listing the drug

    In the poster, "in the face of the epidemic, we are ordered to take part in the crisis, and we will go all night to light up the hope." it fully demonstrates the social responsibility of the enterprise, but the indication of the drug is only for the treatment of influenza

    Therefore, there are clinical experts in the circle of friends: photo source: network screenshot for non indications of drugs, foreign pharmaceutical companies are generally more cautious, especially in the promotion level, all super indications of drugs do not conform to the relevant drug laws and regulations

    Clinical drug use must pass the scientific demonstration of clinical research, and finally obtain the clinical production approval after the approval of drug administration and other parts

    In 2012, the U.S

    Department of Justice announced that a lawsuit pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $3 billion fine to settle several lawsuits, including illegal sales of drugs, payment of kickbacks to doctors and fraud of medical benefits

    This is also the largest amount of fine caused by illegal promotion of over indications so far

    The choice of feeling and reason is always in front of us

    There is no doubt that clinical experts attach importance to the treatment supported by evidence-based evidence, but at this time, there is no effective drug, and it is no doubt that clinicians choose possible effective drugs

    After all, the spirit of scientific exploration of medicine needs to be sustained, and the risk behind this will be borne by medical scientists

    At this moment, we believe that healing is more precious than ever

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