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    In the era of Protein 4.0, the health food industry has changed dramatically.

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    polypeptides are known in the industry as the protein
    era, the industry is looking forward to the development prospects of this health food cutting-edge technology.the era of great health, the special nutritional value of food-sourced lysopeptides has become the focus of academic and social research. Domestic expert research mainly focuses on the industrialization of food-based polypeptides, clinical nutrition applications, nutritional health care functions and other practical value. The research of foreign experts focuses more on the mechanism by which food-sourced lyptides play a role in such aspects as age, immunomodulation, biological activity, cell repair, safety and effectiveness., chairman of the Chinese Food Camp Section, said that at present, the study of food-sourced lyptides in the world's advanced ranks, industrial production in the domestic leading. In
    in 2015, the
    Chinese food hospital obtained the United States, Japan patents, by the national
    patents granted, with
    technology shares in the industrial production base,
    tons of food-sourced lyside annual production is understood that, through cooperation with Japan's strategic partner
    Co., Ltd. to develop sports products
    and postoperative nutrition products
    Collagen Aids
    , specially for Japanese nursing homes of short peptide nutrition products, has been successfully sold in the Japanese market. In the domestic production of more than a year, has established a chain of pharmacies, brand super, e-commerce as one of the Internet
    model, quickly set up a national terminal
    22,000 or more, as well as Tmall flagship store, no. 1 store online sales channels
    .Experts have pointed out that the so-called protein
    era of peptide technology will deeply affect the entire health food industry, the future competition will be the competition of technology, industrial chain competition."Peptide Science"
    era?polypeptides are known in the industry as
    era. The way humans get protein can be roughly divided into four stages. In layman's terms, the first stage is to get it directly from food, such as fish and meat. In the second stage, there is simple processing, such as processing soybeans into tofu. In the third stage, through industrial processing instead of chewing, nutrition can be directed to the gastrointestinal absorption, such as protein powder products. In the fourth stage, the protein is processed into polypeptides, which is beneficial to the full absorption of the human body and improves the efficiency of absorption and polypeptide?protein is the material basis of life and the basic organic matter that make up cells. When the human body ingests insufficient protein, there will be weight loss, wasting, mental reseedation, indigestion, diarrhea and other symptoms. In addition, protein is an important part of our immune system, protein intake is insufficient, our immunity will decline, the body is prone to illness.peptides are the best way to supplement proteins. Protein products have long been in the health care market in a hot position, whether from physical strength or to enhance immunity, consumers have a preconceived awareness. A growing body of research has found that proteins have large molecular weights that need to be broken down into lyptides and amino acids to be absorbed by the body. As a result, lysopides, which are smaller than protein structures, have become the focus of attention in functional health and food biosciences.Polypeptides are small molecular proteins consisting of
    amino acids with a molecular weight of less than
    Daltons and a size of
    . Polypeptides are absorbed through a special transport channel in the intestines and have a variety of health functions, which are faster and more physiologically effective than whole proteins and amino acids.the advantages of low polypeptides?, digestion almost zero burden the molecular weight of low polypeptides is below
    Dalton, to the extent that it can be absorbed without digestion or slight digestion. It can be said that polypeptides are pre-digested proteins that can be directly absorbed and do not increase the digestion burden of the gastrointestinal tract, especially suitable for people with low gastrointestinal function., the absorption speed ispolypeptide is a pre-digested protein, once eaten, can be absorbed. Low peptide transport carrier is not easy to saturate, low energy consumption, fast transport speed, significantly better than protein and amino acids, quickly play the role of nutrition and health care.3. Good solubility, stability of acid heat low peptide molecular weight is small, completely soluble in water, its water solution clarified transparent, in the case of acidic environment or heating treatment, still stable, will not be destroyed. There is no ball, blocking phenomenon in the process of punching, which is obviously better than protein powder.Fourth, nutritional health care is suitable like protein, peptides are also nutrients, because more easily digestible than protein, higher absorption utilization rate, health care function is stronger. Polypeptides are small molecular proteins that can exhibit physiological regulation functions in the body, such as relieving physical fatigue, enhancing immunity, antioxidant, protecting the gastrointestinal mucous membranes, protecting the liver, and improving skin health. , the unique function of lyso peptides polypeptides and proteins, amino acids have many advantages, its value has attracted the attention of the scientific community and the food industry. This is also the reason why protein powder products and amino acid products on the market are gradually replaced by lysopide products. Currently used in product development of lysopides are: wheat polypeptides, marine fish collagen lysopides, corn lyptides, etc. , these lysopides have their own characteristics, different sources of lysopides have their own unique functions, play different roles in human health. Wheat polypeptide, a new national resource food, has enhanced immunity, relieves physical fatigue, antioxidants, protects gastrointestinal mucous membranes and other effects; marine fish collagen globulin, extracted from deep-sea salmon, can promote the synthesis of skin collagen, enhance skin elasticity, increase water conservation capacity, reduce the appearance of macular plaque;
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