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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > In the first half of 2020, the output value of Chinese herbal medicine in Guizhou reached 2.247 billion yuan, up 82.4% YoY

    In the first half of 2020, the output value of Chinese herbal medicine in Guizhou reached 2.247 billion yuan, up 82.4% YoY

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    "Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics" is known as "no idle grass, everywhere" Guizhou, is one of the country's four major Chinese herbal medicine production areasThe province has abundant wild and native chinese medicinal resources, the number of species ranked second in the countryGood natural ecology plus minority medicine culture, gave birth to Du Zhong, Lingzhi, Tianma as the representative, different from other production areas in the country, "Guizhou Sanbao" grass business cardAs of the end of May, the area of Chinese herbal medicine in Guizhou was 6.2514 million mu (excluding pears, the same as below), up 15.2% YoY;
    It is understood that Guizhou to the "9-3" county (region) as the top priority of the work, to take "special class and experts" "nanny-style" service, in the financial support, variety selection, technical services, the main body of training, interests and other aspects of accurate policySince this year, Guizhou Province Chinese herbal medicine special class issued the "Rural Industrial Revolution in Guizhou Province, the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry 2020 work programme", actively promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of Chinese herbal medicine, promote the "short flat fast" advantages of the large-scale development of single products, guide the key counties of Chinese herbal medicine, enterprises to adjust the structure of varieties, quickly do excellent to do strong tianma, half summer, princeginseng, head flower, yellow sunflower and other "short flat" varieties, such as the "short flat" varieties.
    At the same time, the establishment of four levels of provincial, municipal and county experts technical service group, for the leading varieties of "species, management, collection" key links, the development of technical training programs, the organization of experts regular, fixed-point technical training and field guidance, to ensure that production technology training to each of the poor households involved in industrial development.
    Since this year, the development of the Shi'an industry in Guizhou Province has been acceleratingAs of May 31, the province's shitou planting area of 1595 million mu (to 3000 bush for 1 mu), an increase of 41.15 percent over the end of 2018Among them, the iron stone grasin 678 million mu, an increase of 4.58 million mu from the end of 2018; The cultivation area of the tin stone and the area of near wild cultivation are among the top in the country, and the planting area, output and output value of the stone stork are ranked first in the country, and the three large-scale commercial cultivation areas of southwest, southeast and northeast are initially formed.
    In addition, Guizhou Province also actively explore the financial innovation of Chinese herbal medicine, from the industrial development funds to invest 20 million yuan to set up a risk capital pool, with the provincial agricultural burden company to enlarge 10 times the bank funds, 10 key counties, key areas of Tianma, Prince ginseng, half-summer and other key products to carry out financial innovation workAnd support the team of experts to carry out technical training in the production of Chinese herbal medicine, take centralized training, field research, technical practice and other forms to strengthen the cultivation of Traditional Chinese medicine, field management, initial processing of origin, storage and circulation, production and pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine applications and other aspects of the entire industrial chain of technical personnel training and upgrading, covering 88 counties in the province, to complete at least 800 people of the backbone of pharmaceutical production technology training.
    According to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs according to the situation analysis, in 2020 the province's cultivation area of Chinese herbal medicine is expected to exceed 6.73 million mu, to achieve a total output value of about 20 billion yuan, providing more than 570,000 stable jobs.
    It is reported that in the second half of the year, Guizhou will adhere to the goal-oriented, problem-oriented, results-oriented, closely around the target task, focus on the timely win the fight against poverty, focus on the "9-3" county (region), focus on the "short flat" "road" "drug-eating homologous", formula particles and other advantages of single products, in the whole industrial chain construction, "drug" influence to build, strengthen quality control, promote "set the pharmaceutical park" scale, and so on, and actively carry out financial innovation.
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