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    In the first half of the year, Liaoning pig stock column exceeded 10 million head, up 15. 8%

    • Last Update: 2020-07-29
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    Since this year, Liaoning Province, multi-sectoral cooperation in land, environmental protection, financial credit, agricultural machinery subsidies, insurance and other aspects of the introduction of a series of documents, a strong impetus to support the production of pigs 17 detailed landing

    Data show that in the first half of this year, the province's pig stock 10.91 million, an increase of 15.8% year-on-year, to the same period in 2017 93%, higher than the national average

    This is July 15, the reporter learned from the provincial agriculture and rural department

    Liaoning Province attaches great importance to pig production, through the strengthening of factor protection, the implementation of various support policies, and strive to crack the "no land" "no money to raise" problem, greatly stabilize the production intention of farms (households)

    Liaoning Province to strengthen and improve the facilities of agricultural land management, and further refine the scope of pig breeding facilities land scope, requirements and land scale

    The use of permanent basic farmland for livestock and poultry breeding facilities is relaxed to a maximum of 50 mu, the land for breeding auxiliary facilities is lifted 15 mu, the construction of multi-storey buildings is encouraged, and the procedures for land use are simplified as much as possible

    At the same time, simplify the project EIA approval, the annual column of 5000 pigs breeding projects to implement registration and record management, the annual column of 5000 head and above projects to carry out the "notification commitment system" pilot

    In terms of funds, Liaoning Province actively implements financial support policies, timely statistics, update the credit needs of pig enterprises, provide services for qualified pig farms (households), this year has supported the development of pig guarantee business 651, pig live mortgage pilot research and program development

    This year, Liaoning Province also raised 170 million yuan of animal disease prevention and control subsidies to support the purchase of mandatory immunization vaccine, disease dying (harmful) pig harmless treatment and so on

    At the same time, automatic feeding, disease prevention and control tools to support pig production will be included in the scope of subsidies

    Give full play to the role of agricultural insurance "stabilizer"

    Since last year, Liaoning Province has raised 140 million yuan in insurance premium subsidy funds to support raising the level of protection for breeding sows and fattening pigs to 1500 yuan/head and 800 yuan/head respectively, and this year has raised 210 million yuan

    Liaoning Province has also strengthened the pig project guidance service and scale farm (house) monthly monitoring and analysis, the province's new and expanded pig scale farms 342, is expected to add more than 2 million pig storage column by the end of the year

    Next, Liaoning Province will continue to strengthen guidance and services, promote the implementation of policies and measures to support the resumption of pig production, strengthen supervision and dispatch of cities and counties, and ensure the continuous recovery of pig production capacity on the basis of the overall efforts to improve the production of pork substitutes such as cattle, sheep and poultry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry

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