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    In the first half of this year, 17 pharmaceutical companies with a total value of 30 billion have been suspended

    • Last Update: 2014-06-30
    • Source: Internet
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    Source: on June 30, 2014, the secondary market of Securities Daily saw endless M & A and restructuring events, and the pharmaceutical industry became a frequent area of M & A and restructuring events

    It is worth noting that not only the listed companies in the pharmaceutical industry, but also some non pharmaceutical companies participated in the feast

    Data shows that since this year, the total value of M & A in the field of domestic health care is about 30 billion yuan, of which the value of completed M & A is about 10.839 billion yuan and the value of unfinished M & A is 18.991 billion yuan

    In this M & a feast, 52 listed pharmaceutical companies announced their M & A plans

    As of June 28, 17 companies were in suspension, most of them related to restructuring

    Non pharmaceutical listed companies, including Meihua biology, Yaoji poker, Asia Pacific industry and so on, have also set foot in the field of medicine

    In an interview with Securities Daily, Shi lichen, senior pharmaceutical partner of Peking University zongzongzong, said that at present, China's pharmaceutical industry has entered a period of overall transformation and upgrading, plus the new version of GMP and the new version of GSP The whole pharmaceutical industry has entered the era of resource integration and diversification from the product era

    At this time, we need to seize more medical resources in advance under the premise of clear strategy, so as to obtain development opportunities in the future competition

    Last year, the State Council released several opinions on promoting the development of health service industry

    By 2020, the total scale of health service industry will exceed 8 trillion yuan

    The state's support for health care has stimulated the enthusiasm of capital to enter this field, and the M & A and restructuring of the medical market are heating up

    Some analysts said that the policy support has pushed the medical service industry into the investment window period, and all kinds of capital want to share the high growth from the medical service industry

    Data shows that since this year, the amount of M & A in the field of A-share medical care has reached nearly 30 billion yuan, involving 168 M & A events, of which 85 have been completed; 3 have been accepted by the CSRC; 1 has been replied by the CSRC with feedback; 2 have been approved by the SASAC; 5 have reached the transfer agreement; 26 have signed the transfer agreement 36 companies passed the plan of the board of directors and 3 companies passed the general meeting of shareholders

    As of June 28, a total of 17 pharmaceutical listed companies were suspended, including Tianmu pharmaceutical, Southwest Pharmaceutical, Yiduoli, truking technology, Hanyu pharmaceutical, and many other listed companies involved in major asset restructuring

    Including the acquisition of integrated medical by Peking University pharmaceutical, the acquisition of Bong and pharmaceutical by Shanghai Laishi, these M & A and restructuring events have been sought after by the market

    Industry insiders believe that with the diminishing marginal effect of dividend in the new health care reform system, the performance growth of Listed Companies in the pharmaceutical sector has gradually slowed down under the suppression of negative policies such as bidding price reduction and medical insurance fee control

    In order to continue the high growth of the listed pharmaceutical companies, the extended M & A has become the preferred way

    In addition, the new GMP certification also has an impact on some small and medium-sized enterprises

    Data shows that by the end of 2013, only 60% of pharmaceutical enterprises had passed the new GMP certification

    The unqualified small and medium-sized enterprises have to stop production and be acquired as an important way of their rebirth

    Some enterprises with capital strength can acquire good varieties and resources of these enterprises through M & A

    At present, the M & A of China's pharmaceutical industry mainly focuses on the joint and several M & A of exclusive products, the M & A of biomedicine, the M & A of medical devices, the M & A of product line supplement, the M & A of intensive treatment field and the M & A of industrial chain layout

    Data shows that there are 10 M & A cases involving traditional Chinese medicine, 22 M & A cases involving pharmaceutical industry, 47 M & A cases involving medical care equipment and technology, 32 m & A cases involving biotechnology and 37 M & A cases involving western medicine

    One analyst said that at present, biomedicine and medical devices are the areas that investors are optimistic about

    These areas have better technology level and better development potential in the future, which are favored by investors and capital in non pharmaceutical industry

    Meanwhile, in May this year, Xi Jinping, President of Shanghai, put forward "accelerating the localization of high-end medical equipment" when inspecting the city

    Since then, the national health and Family Planning Commission has issued a notice to entrust China Medical Equipment Association to start the selection of the first batch of excellent domestic medical equipment products, and to formulate a catalogue of excellent products, including instruments, equipment, consumables, etc

    After the implementation of the action, some regional departments explicitly stipulated that large medical equipment must be purchased from domestic products

    Undoubtedly, the introduction of this policy is good for large domestic medical equipment enterprises

    The entry of non pharmaceutical enterprises should be carefully supported by a number of national policies

    Some non pharmaceutical enterprises are eager to enter the industry

    Data shows that among the M & A forces in the pharmaceutical industry, there are not only listed companies from the pharmaceutical industry, but also listed companies from non pharmaceutical fields

    Meihua biology in the food and beverage sector successively acquired 100% equity of Dalian Hanxin and 51.76% equity of Guangsheng pharmaceutical this year, with a total acquisition cost of 880 million yuan

    On June 4, Yaoji poker announced that it planned to purchase 22% of the equity of Shanghai cell therapy Engineering Technology Research Center Co., Ltd

    with the consideration of 130 million yuan, which is a new attempt for the company to enter the biomedical industry

    Asia Pacific acquired 100% equity of Lanzhou Weici Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    and its main business will be transformed from real estate development and commercial housing sales to the production and sales of thrombin freeze-dried powder, Banlangen and other products

    Acquisition by holding shares has become a significant feature for non pharmaceutical enterprises to enter the pharmaceutical industry

    "In this way, we can lay out a relatively complete industrial sector, and at the same time, we can engage in more M & A and operation in the pharmaceutical sector on the premise of controlling shares, which is conducive to the overall development of the pharmaceutical sector." He told reporters

    Analysts believe that when non pharmaceutical enterprises enter the pharmaceutical industry, they should first have a clear understanding of themselves and the industry

    It is understood that when some non pharmaceutical enterprises enter the pharmaceutical industry, they are not clear about their positioning in the pharmaceutical industry chain in the future

    Some enterprises later found that they entered the red sea with fierce competition

    In addition, the threshold of the pharmaceutical industry is high, some non pharmaceutical enterprises lack of industry management experience, the acquired pharmaceutical assets do not bring the expected earnings, but the company carries the burden of pharmaceutical assets with low yield

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