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    In the next five years, the share of water-based coatings in my country may reach 20%

    • Last Update: 2020-03-10
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    the rapid development of China's coating sand industry, has become the world's largest paint producer, but, the environmental protection of coating products has been the topic of concern to the industry, and the rapid development of the paint industry in sharp contrast, China's water-based coatings development of nearly ten years time, is always tepid, the development of a slightly long road, with foreign water-based coatings gap is very large, especially in the field of architectural coatings more obviousFor the cause of this situation, in fact, this is not a question of consumption capacity, but the consumer understanding of paint is not enough causeAt present, Dolez, Libang and other familiar products, the real national brand or regional brand has not really entered the minds of consumers, and at the low end of the consumer and high-end products there is a certain gap, affecting the promotion of water-based paintin addition to people's problems in the concept of consumers, in fact, most of the construction paint manufacturers, there are some contradictionsIndustry insiders said: "Construction paint production enterprises only a few in the real market, and 70%-80% of enterprises are doing engineering, the reason for this situation is mainly because the current domestic paint enterprises in the production conditions, technological advanced, product stability and other aspects of defects, difficult to support the market demand, which also restricts the rapid development of the water-based paint market to a certain extent." "
    although the current domestic water-based coatings can not be equated with low carbon, but, with consumers' understanding of their own health, with the outside climate, consumption habits and other factors, water-based coatings due to their own environmental protection, in Japan, Europe and the United States market share has been more than 60%, and China's proportion is significantly lowerIndustry insiders said that in the next five years, water-based paint in China's market share or reach 20%" in recent years, the paint appeared in addition to formaldehyde, net taste and other selling points, in recent years, paint and no new selling points appear, the market has returned to calmAfter several years of precipitation, consumers are no longer particularly interested in those selling points, after all, these selling points are not the most critical thing about the paint itselfOn the contrary, environmental protection has become the most important safety concerns," industry insiders said
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