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    In this nearly 20 billion market, there have been a number of local pharmaceutical companies layout

    • Last Update: 2022-10-01
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    【Pharmaceutical Network Industry News】On September 21, Fuyuan Pharmaceutical announced that the company's paroxetine hydrochloride enteric-coated extended-release tablets obtained the "Drug Registration Certificate" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, becoming the third enterprise
    in China to have the qualification to produce the drug.

    The product was originally developed by GlaxoSmithKline, and according to GlaxoSmithKline's 2021 annual report, the drug's global sales are $152 million

    In the domestic market, according to the website information of the State Food and Drug Administration, including Fuyuan Pharmaceutical, there are 3 manufacturers of paroxetine hydrochloride enteric-coated extended-release tablets that have been approved for listing in Chinese mainland

    According to data from the Intranet, the total sales of paroxetine in the domestic medical market in 2021 will reach 586 million yuan, of which the total sales of paroxetine hydrochloride enteric-coated extended-release tablets will be 53.
    95 million yuan

    It is reported that the drug is used to treat depression
    in adults.

    As of the date of this announcement, Fuyuan Pharmaceutical's cumulative R&D investment in the drug is RMB23.
    647 million (unaudited

    Depression is a common psychiatric disorder characterized by "low mood, slow thinking, decreased verbal movements, and sluggishness
    The population of depression is huge, and the incidence is rising, and there are currently more than 95 million depressed patients in China, driving the continuous growth
    of the antidepressant market.

    Sullivan expects that in the next five years, the market size of sample hospitals in China's antidepressant industry will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.
    7%, and will exceed 18.
    4 billion yuan in 2022.

    Facing the huge market space, a large number of domestic pharmaceutical companies are actively deploying, and new progress has been made
    this year.

    In addition to Fuyuan Pharmaceutical, on September 9, Yiling Pharmaceutical said on the investor interactive platform that the company has an exclusive patented new drug for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders - anti-depression and annoyance capsules were approved for listing
    at the end of 2021.

    It is reported that the anti-depression removal capsule is a traditional Chinese medicine innovative drug developed on the basis of clinical experience, and the prescription is based on the semi-summer Houpu soup recorded in the classic book of traditional Chinese medicine "The Outline of the Golden Plateau" and the gardenia Houpu soup recorded in the "Typhoid Fever Theory", and randomized, double-blind, positive control drugs (chemicals), placebo parallel control, and multi-center clinical trials, and the results of clinical trial studies show that they can be used for

    On August 15, Poinsettia announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Poinsettia, has received a Drug Registration Certificate approved by the State Food and Drug Administration, and venlafaxine hydrochloride extended-release capsules have been approved for the market for the treatment of depression (including depression accompanied by anxiety) and generalized anxiety disorders

    The drug belongs to the national medical insurance class A products, the national basic drug species

    According to data from the Intranet network, in 2021, the terminal sales of venlafaxine in China's urban public hospitals and counties will reach 1.
    252 billion yuan

    In July, Suoyuan Biologics announced that the international multicenter clinical phase II.
    b trial (ENLIGHTEN study) of DB104 (liafensine) for the treatment of refractory depression (TRD) under the guidance of biomarkers was approved by
    the State Food and Drug Administration of China.

    DB104 is a first-in-class that specifically inhibits the reuptake
    of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, which play an important role in depression.

    In addition, more than ten pharmaceutical companies, including Dongguang Pharmaceutical, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group, Huahai Pharmaceutical, Tasly, Enhua Pharmaceutical, Xinlitai and so on, have products in the clinical trial stage, and it is expected that there will be good news in
    the follow-up.

    The industry said that there are many kinds of antidepressants commonly used in the clinic in the field of depression, but there have been major unmet clinical needs in this field, and there have been few new mechanism drugs on the market for many years, and it is very much looking forward to more good drugs and new drugs on the market in the future, bringing better treatment options
    to the majority of patients.

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    to any person.

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