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    Incorrigible? It's sunny and it's in the gold sales storm again.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-10
    • Source: Internet
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    Medical network September 29th, recently, the industry's frequent letter of reporting, involving a number of large varieties such as mind-wake, Conlet, Aroteni.
    Zhengda Qing was reported on September 1 and 7 respectively, accused of selling gold, reporting letters and even specific to its varieties and rebate prices.
    in fact, in the sale of gold, ZhengDaQing is not the first offender.
    since 2011, doctors in several hospitals have been accepting bribes from Zhengda Qing, which not only led to the cancellation of the sales qualification of some products of Zhengda Tianqing in 2019 in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. , which led to Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission to record it as a bad record of commercial bribery in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale in Jiangxi Province, and in January this year when Zhengda Qing re-committed the red line, announced the cancellation of its Lianyungang Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its agents online procurement and distribution qualifications for two years.
    senior industry insiders believe that "with gold sales" repeatedly banned, "positive day" have repeatedly taught, not only has a bad impact on the industry, exacerbated the tension between doctors and patients, but also exposed the drug registration excessive repetition of the malignant competition, and supervision, justice and other departments to work together to make rules, the urgent need to establish a accountability system.
    vicious competition in marketing, but also because the technology is not different recently, the pharmaceutical industry has a wind of reporting, involving the wake-up call, Conlet, Androutini and other large varieties of more than 2 billion.
    , the positive weather, which had been reported twice in a row in early September alone, was at the centre of the storm.
    Though Zhengda qing did not admit that they pointed out that this is a malicious report from a competitor, and said that the judicial process has been initiated, but "with gold sales" such a sensitive word to the eyes of ordinary people, want to reverse the impact becomes difficult.
    In the eyes of Mr. Slichen, a special observer of this newspaper and founder of Dingchen Pharmaceutical Consulting, such malicious reporting is low-cost and profitable and is likely to lead to imitation, but he believes that even if such vicious behavior can bring short-term benefits, it is not desirable to damage the industry and exacerbate tensions between doctors and patients.
    wei Pershing, CEO of Drug Price Reduction Network, believes that whether it is a true report or peer vilification, the tax department should be allowed to verify the costs of Aronatini before reaching a conclusion.
    the reasons for the vicious competition, Mr. Shrlison said that in addition to the level of public virtue, the background of the vicious competition should also be taken into account.
    According to the "Announcement on the Release of the Sixth Batch of Over-Repeating Drug Tips" issued by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society on September 7th (hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement"), 302 varieties have been referred to as "the number of enterprises with the same drug approved in more than 20", plus the first five batches of over-repetitive drug catalogues, a total of 1474 over-repetitive drugs.
    "Announcement" that the same variety of finished drugs, if there are more than 20 enterprises in the market in production, will cause unnecessary waste of resources, and this is the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society on the basis of excessive repetition of drugs screening, the same drug approval number of enterprises as long as the number of 20 varieties are included in the "excessive repetition of drugs directory."
    the relevant person in charge of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society said that the problem of "stacking competition" of drug varieties should not be ignored, and suggested that pharmaceutical companies should take the initiative to adjust the product structure to achieve high-quality development.
    The situation of thousands of batches of the same drug is related to the over-declaration of drug varieties in the past, drug approvals can generally be re-registered every 5 years, and the re-declaration requirements and costs are lower than the newly approved approvals.
    Usually the same drug can be different manufacturers, different drug specifications, different dosage forms will have different approvals, but many enterprises do not produce drugs and do not cancel the approval, so there are many "zombie approvals."
    To the example of methazole, which has the approval number of 797 enterprises, of which a considerable number of enterprises have not produced or sold the drug, but in order to retain the production line for future production needs, enterprises will not take the initiative to cancel the approval.
    " technology is no difference, can only rely on marketing, " Slichen concluded, "the same drug, ten twenty is enough healthy competition, and then more is vicious."
    this leads to the doctor's side, you do not give a person useless, you do not give to others, you do not give that really do not give you open.
    " Wei Baixing believes that for more than two decades, China's pharmaceutical companies almost all pay more attention to marketing than research and development, so that the true sense of the new medicine is not much, even Chinese medicine has not put the tradition into practice.
    in the absence of hard-core competitiveness, drugs sold in hospitals without commissions have become an anomaly in the industry.
    he said that at present, there is no gold sales, it is estimated that only "4 plus 7" with the volume of procurement of some of the products below 10 yuan.
    On this point, Slichen also holds the same view, that the collection of products low prices, there is no room for rebates, non-collection products are high prices, there are rebates, which even led to some of the collection of listed products but sell better.
    he believes that in the long run, as the size of the collection gradually increases, the state may close the door on the sale of non-collecting drugs.
    the "announcement" directory added "the number of enterprises to be evaluated" and "the number of approved enterprises to reach or exceed the three dosage form label" two major statistics, is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot.
    the industry, consistent evaluation may alleviate the problem of severe overcapacity and over-reuse of medicines.
    consistent evaluation promotes generic drugs to replace the original research drugs clinically, improve the quality of generic drugs in China and the overall level of development of the pharmaceutical industry on the basis of the phenomenon of excessive drug duplication has been alleviated to a certain extent, the obvious momentum of drug homogenization has been curbed to a certain extent.
    departments should work together, no rules are not square round this time, the state frequently issued anti-corruption documents, such as in June this year, nine ministries joined forces to crack down on pharmaceutical enterprises and CSO collusion, pharmaceutical representatives for the record management measures to consult again.
    , especially for the pharmaceutical sector with gold sales, proposed to include illegal drug companies in the credit bad record, or even cancel the sales and distribution qualifications.
    in the high anti-corruption banner at the moment, is the day is reported with gold sales if true, it is tantable to "top wind crime."
    , Wei Believes that the introduction of anti-corruption documents is one thing, enforcement is another.
    he cited drug tenders as an example, arguing that some of the drugs that were too expensive to bid for were still not being held accountable.
    Wei Baixing also said that doctors and pharmaceutical companies collude with each other is abominable, the huge difference between the two sides is not only into the pockets of both sides, he believes that the culprit should be the drug price bidding department, "the day is also good, the land is also good, do not abolish the bidding department, drug prices falsely high gold sales can not be changed from the root."
    " for the "top wind with gold sales crime", Slichen has a different view.
    he believes pharmaceutical companies are the least willing to sell with gold, but in the current market environment, in addition to collecting drugs, no rebates are difficult to sell.
    , some doctors who receive kickbacks in other countries face criminal liability and even disqualification, in addition to huge fines.
    , but at home, the punishment is not strong, or even the situation.
    In addition, the way to pursue domestic investigation is to pursue production enterprises, but Shrlichen said that 5,000 pharmaceutical production enterprises, there are less than 500 specialized marketing team, the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies need agents to be responsible for drug sales.
    agents carried out with gold sales, pharmaceutical companies are not only responsible for sales costs, but also bear joint and joint responsibility, therefore, he believes that with gold sales become the norm is the drug companies do not want to see.
    Shi Lichen further pointed out that the correct way to promote is academic promotion.
    Because doctors' areas of expertise are treatment and surgery, pharmacy is not necessarily deeply studied, so medicines, especially new drugs, can be better understood by doctors if they can conduct seminars.
    doctors should be traanced for making money by making money by prescription, but it is only by god that doctors make money from their own medicine.
    to invite senior doctors from Sanjia Hospital to teach to other doctors and practitioners in the industry, and the teaching fees are reasonable.
    then again, for commission sales and academic conferences, the specific demarcation and compliance of clear instructions, is the industry in urgent need of improvement areas.
    Shi Lichen believes that although the regulatory authorities are responsible for this matter, but once the issue involves criminal responsibility and other areas, but also in the judiciary, so the relevant departments to work together to develop detailed norms is a very urgent need.
    on September 14th, a sanjia hospital in Wuhan launched a rigorous review campaign to count all doctors' clinical fees last year.
    it is understood that each doctor's account will be systematically transferred out for careful verification.
    If you find out which fee is paid by which company on the doctor's account, the hospital disciplinary inspection committee will send a letter of assistance to the corresponding pharmaceutical company, requiring the company to provide, on a case-by-case basis, the invitation letter, teaching courseware, on-site photos, labor agreement, transfer card number, the amount involved, the schedule of the meeting and other relevant supporting materials.
    addition, the supporting materials must be stamped with the corporate seal to prove the authenticity of the costs, and to be submitted to the hospital before the prescribed time limit.
    However, the above-mentioned hospitals also said that in the fight against illegal marketing, the hospital also allows in compliance, legal premise, the hospital and pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out exchanges, after which the hospital will establish and improve the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides before publicity, supervision in the event, after the record of the whole process management system.
    this initiative will promote the demarcation of academic promotion and the sale of gold, and help to combat the use of academic conferences for profit transmission.
    experts are positive about whether the phenomenon of gold sales can be eradicated.
    Shi Lichen believes that the relevant departments must join forces to solve the problem of excessive duplication of approval, and formulate detailed norms.
    Wei Baixing believes that "the root cause of the inflated price of medicine is the tender department recruited, the doctor this pen out."
    ", he believes that the abolition of tenders, so that doctors' prescriptions transparent, drug prices transparent, the establishment and improvement of accountability system, can completely eradicate the problem of inflated drug prices.
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