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    Increase brand added value Lingrui group appears in Times Square, New York, USA

    • Last Update: 2017-01-05
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    [ Enterprise News] on December 27, 2016, American time, Lingrui group stepped on the "world screen", the NASDAQ outdoor large screen in Times Square, New York, USA It is understood that the products of Lingrui group's public debut include xiaolingyang antipyretic paste, Tongluo Qutong cream and lvdashan tea oil, which are mainly used in children's medicine series, middle-aged and old people's medicine series and edible oil series (image source: Baidu image) in the past two years, Lingrui group has been deeply involved in the field of medicine In addition to being bigger and stronger, it has also introduced the company's strict quality management requirements and advanced business philosophy into the production of healthy food, among which green tea oil is a typical representative The raw materials of LvDa camellia oil come from the pure wild camellia forest in Dabie Mountain Area of Xinyang The content of unsaturated fatty acids in the products is more than 90%, and it has passed the FDA certification As a brand of children's medicine under Lingrui pharmaceutical, xiaoantelope covers many common drug series for children, such as antipyretic patch, Shufu patch and Xiaoer aminophenol huangnamin granules This image display also spread Lingrui's brand mission of "caring for children's health" to the world In fact, with the continuous progress of globalization and the increasing importance of New York Times Square in recent years, landing on the NASDAQ large screen has become a milestone In the past, many well-known advertising screens in New York Times Square were monopolized by Japanese enterprises, Panasonic, Korean enterprises, Samsung and other foreign enterprises In recent years, some well-known brands from China have successively "contracted" this expensive advertising screen, from Wuliangye, Haier, Gree, tmall mall, Jingdong Mall, Huawei, Greenland and other well-known enterprises, to Yangzhou and even the national image propaganda film, national brands are stepping up to the world stage, making a strong voice The head of Lingrui group told reporters that the choice of New York Times Square as the "crossroads of the world" was focused on its advantages as a good window to attract the attention of the world NASDAQ advertising screen occupies a superior geographical position in the world, which is helpful for enterprises to establish brand image quickly, expand brand added value, and bring better development opportunities for enterprises.
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