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    Increase research and development investment, run out of the pharmaceutical equipment industry's "high-speed rail speed"

    • Last Update: 2020-11-10
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    "Pharmaceutical network market analysis" speed of 350 kilometers per hour, business mileage of 36,000 kilometers, access to 30 provinces and cities except Tibet ... This is the speed and breadth of China's high-speed rail.
    high-speed rail speed is the pride of the Chinese people, but also China's equipment manufacturing level towards the world's "business card."
    but need to see that domestic enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises are stuck neck problem is further highlighted, how to break through the technical bottleneck has become a major challenge for domestic enterprises have to deal with.
    industry believes that for domestic enterprises, continuous research and development investment will become its independent innovation and development of the "life-saving straw."
    in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, increased investment in research and development, in order to create the industry's "high-speed rail speed."
    Pharmaceutical equipment (photo source: Pharmaceutical Network) small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises research and development investment is weak and need more support data show that in the past five years, China's total social research and development expenditure increased from 1.42 trillion yuan to 2.21 trillion yuan, research and development investment intensity increased from 2.06 percent to 2.23 percent.
    also jumped from 29th place in 2015 to 14th place in 2020, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Innovation Index.
    can be seen that in recent years, China's research and development investment continues to increase, scientific and technological innovation has achieved a qualitative rise.
    in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, enterprises are also increasingly paying attention to the importance of research and development investment.
    For example, Chutian Technology has increased its investment in innovation and research and development in recent years, and the financial results show that in 2015-2017, the company's annual research and development investment accounted for more than 10% of revenue, and increased year by year, to 2019 research and development investment of 180 million, down 3.4% YoY.
    uniquely, Dongfulong's research and development expenses in 2019 increased by 21.81 percent year-on-year, and its annual research and development expenses as a percentage of revenue reached 5.26 percent, up from the same period last year.
    in the first quarter of 2020, Dongfulong's research and development spending continued to be high, up 37.76 percent year-on-year.
    investment, continuous research and development, but also for pharmaceutical companies to bring the enhancement of core competitiveness, innovation results continue to emerge.
    For example, Dongfulong is a leading manufacturer of large-scale freeze-dried machine equipment in China, the company's business over the years the layout of new products and new markets are gradually showing results, in the first three quarters of 2020, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to increase by 360%-3 compared with the same period last year 90%; Chutian Science and Technology's main business for the development, design, production, sales and service of pharmaceutical equipment, the company through the past years invested a huge amount of research and development funds, has been in the pharmaceutical sterile production of intelligent robots, smart pharmaceutical factories and other pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing equipment, the overall solution has achieved good research and development results.
    But compared with imported pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, especially those in Germany and Italy, domestic equipment enterprises are still weak in independent innovation research and development investment, pharmaceutical products such as centrifuges are still occupied by imported enterprises in the high-end market, domestic products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market.
    At present, large pharmaceutical enterprises have been in the direction of continuously increasing investment in research and development efforts, but the market-dominated small and medium-sized enterprises due to weak capital, technical strength, there is often a certain degree of difficulty in research and development investment, need more policy encouragement, support and guidance.
    talent shortage into the development of "roadblocker" urgently need to crack the "three difficulties" in addition to research and development investment, need to see that the shortage of talent is also the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry on the road to high-quality development of "roadblock."
    , is the enterprise's main, the development of all walks of life can not be separated from the support of talent.
    data show that China's research and development personnel from 3.76 million people in 2015 to 4.8 million people in 2019, these emerging professionals and creative teams for the development of all walks of life output strength.
    but in manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical equipment, it still faces a "triple dilemma" in terms of talent - not being found, not being able to recruit, not being able to stay.
    Pharmaceutical equipment industry as a pharmaceutical, especially set pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, chemistry, metal materials, mechanical principles, electrical engineering, refrigeration technology, HT technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, computer and other integrated application disciplines, its high-quality development undoubtedly needs to match high-quality professionals, in order to help enterprise development.
    In view of the large talent gap in the pharmaceutical industry, the industry has also given many suggestions, such as improving the legal guarantee of vocational education, optimizing the talent environment in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, giving policy support to pharmaceutical equipment enterprises that carry out the training of skilled personnel, and helping enterprises to improve the incentive mechanism for talent evaluation.
    pharmaceutical companies can seize the opportunity of cooperation between schools and enterprises, provide more training activities, attract and retain talent.
    overall, how to further activate the release of enterprises to increase the enthusiasm of research and development investment, while increasing the training of professionals, is not only the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry transformation and upgrading needs, but also to enhance the high-quality development of the entire pharmaceutical industry is the key.
    can only grasp the new direction of industrial development and deploy it early in order to run out acceleration in the future development.
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