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    Increased arterial stiffness in obese people

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Over the past four decades, obesity has been spreading around the worldAmong them, children, teenagers and young people are the people whose obesity rate is rising fastestFor cardiovascular disease in adulthood, obesity can accelerate the progression of diseaseThere have been a lot of studies on the ineffectiveness of obesity in adults, so how early did the effect of obesity on blood vessels begin? < br / > a new study published by the lancet child & Adolescent Health has tracked the obesity trend of more than 3000 children for a long timeThe data shows that the arteries and blood vessels of obese adolescents have begun to become stiff in their teensArterial stiffness is a clear signal of atherosclerosis, which can lead to increased myocardial infarction, stroke incidence and cardiovascular disease mortality< br / > photo source: The Lancet child & Adolescent Health website < br / > the study was conducted by University College London and its partners, and 3423 children were included in the longitudinal study of parents and children (ALSPAC) in Avon, UK, 45.5% of them were male< br / > in order to continuously assess obesity trends in children's growth, the researchers measured their weight, height and waist circumference every two years between the ages of 9 and 17Because children grow rapidly, body mass index (BMI) alone is not enough to truly reflect the degree of obesityThe researchers also used DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), which can clearly show the proportion of fat, muscle and bone in the body through the whole body scanning of subjects< br / > in the past ten years, 65% of the subjects' body fat level remained within the normal range, 10% of the subjects gradually developed into obesity, 9% of the subjects were initially obese but gradually recovered to normal body fat, and 16% of the subjects continued to be obese< br / > at the age of 17, the researchers assessed the stiffness of their arteries by measuring the pulse wave velocityAfter adjusting the variables such as gender, blood pressure, blood lipid and body weight, the cross-sectional data of that year showed that the total body fat was positively correlated with arterial stiffness; further analysis of the trend of obesity, the researchers found that compared with the people who gradually gained weight, the arteries of the people who continued to have too much body fat were more stiff< br / > then, apart from obesity, will other cardiovascular risk factors affect vascular elasticity? The researchers observed that factors such as high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar levels were partly related to increased arterial stiffness, but most of the association occurred in obese people< br / >In the same body fat changes, compared with the metabolism of healthy people (red), blood pressure, blood lipid, blood glucose and other problems (blue) will aggravate the degree of arterial stiffness(photo source: reference [1]) < br / > Dr Frida dangardt, Professor of clinical physiology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the first author of the study, said: "the study shows that the correlation between fat volume and arterial stiffness is the strongest, and metabolic health problems will enhance this effect." < br / > fortunately, studies have shown that arterial stiffness is reversible After reducing body fat to normal levels, the young people's arterial elasticity also recovered This means that for long-term vascular health, it is important to solve the problem of obesity as early as possible "We can take interventions to correct the risk of obesity and arterial stiffness," Dr Frida dangardt said < br / > reference < br / > [1] Frida dangardt, et al., 2019 Association between fat mass through advocacy and artistic stimulation: a population-based study from the Avon digital study of parents and children The lancet child & adolescent health, 10.1016/s2352-4642 (19) 30105-1 < br / > [2] Studying enterprises in teams with persistent obsity Retrieved Jun 5, 2019, from < br / > original title: < br / > Lancet: be a soft fat man? Surrounded by fat, blood vessels have already begun to stiffen!
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