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    Incubate immune cells with adult stem cells and treat autoimmune diseases.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-22
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    In recent years, adoptive cellular immunotherapy has been in the spotlight all the time, and it has been a hot research topic at home and abroad, and has made great progress.directly using the immune cells in the human body, transforming them in vitro, replicating them in large quantities and then returning them to patients. Adoptive immunotherapy almost occupies half of the development of tumor immunotherapy strategies.recently, creative medical technology holdings announced that it has found a new characteristic of regenerative cells, and uses this new feature to change immune cells and develop a personalized therapy for autoimmune diseases, immcelz ™。the company also said that immcelz Gamma It may be the first adoptive immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases.New Personalized adoptive immunotherapy adult stem cells can endow immune cells with specific characteristics.IMMCELZ Gamma It is to take advantage of this feature to use adult stem cells from qualified donor sources to incubate patients' immune cells with donor stem cells. After immune cells obtain the required characteristics, immune cells are extracted and re injected into patients.when these "reprogrammed cells" are infused back into the patient, they "educate" other cells of the immune system to stop attacking the body, while retaining the ability to attack cancer and other foreign pathogens.the company said immcelz Gamma It has been protected by trade secrets, and published US patent application 15 / 987739.} Timothy warbington, President and CEO of creative medical technology holdings, said: "although the current results are preliminary, further studies need to be carried out before clinical trials begin.but our company's philosophy is that cell therapy is superior to chemical drugs in essence, and we believe that we will enter the field of cell biology.compared with the conventional methods, immcelz showed a significant improvement in autoimmune diseases Gamma It can provide a higher level of therapeutic effect."creative medical technology holdings is a commercial biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of patients in urology, neurology and of its patent applications covers the use of the company's amniostem products as a production tool for the generation of exosomes to regenerate damaged brain tissue after a stroke.the market of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are chronic inflammatory diseases caused by the breaking of autoimmune tolerance, the reaction of T cells and antibodies with their own cells and tissue antigens, resulting in the loss or limitation of tissue function.however, the mechanism by which autoimmune tolerance is broken is still unclear.common autoimmune diseases include: type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, etc. The overall incidence rate of autoimmune diseases inworldwide is increasing year by year. According to statistics, the annual autoimmune disease market is estimated at US $38 billion. } Thomas ichim, chief scientific officer of creative medical technology holdings, said: "current drugs for autoimmune diseases inhibit the immune system of the whole body, thus increasing the risk of infection and cancer. but immcelz Gamma The product reprogrammes the cells of the immune system to specifically prevent attacks on the body's own tissues, while retaining the immune response against cancer and infectious diseases. "conclusion Timothy warbington said that although adoptive immunotherapy is now progressing faster and more exciting in the field of cancer. for example, kit Pharma of car-t cells was acquired by Gilead for us $11.9 billion. however, interest in them will shift to the use of these methods in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. at present, immcelz Gamma It is still in the initial project stage, and further research is needed to enter the clinical stage, but as the company's chief executive said, people's interest will shift to autoimmune diseases, because using patients' own immune cells to treat autoimmune diseases is a feasible idea. let's hope that the company will bring us more good news next! Reference source: 1. Hot selection of the latest: the treatment of multiple myeloma, BCMA targeted arc-t cell therapy has been awarded the title of orphan drug by FDA latest: tianguangshi biological another antibody new drug application clinical biorxiv| Li Honglin / Xu Ke's team discovered the candidate of potent anti-neocoronavirus and the clinical existing drugs. The sub issue of science revealed the mystery of anti-tumor mechanism of PD-L1: the study found the key role of dendritic cells in immunotherapy
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