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    Industrial 1,4-oxazepine (morpholine) (1)

    • Last Update: 2021-10-12
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    1 Scope

    This standard specifies the requirements, sampling, test methods, signs, labels, packaging, etc.
    of industrial 1,4-oxazepine (commonly known as
    morpholine )

    The standard is applicable to industrial 1,4-oxazepine prepared from diethylene glycol as a raw material through catalytic ammonolysis and rectification

    Structural formula:

    Molecular formula: C 4 H 9 NO

    Relative molecular mass: 87.
    12 (according to the 1993 international relative atomic mass)

    2 Reference standards

    The provisions contained in the following standards constitute the provisions of this standard through quotation in this standard
    When this standard was published, the editions indicated were valid

    All standards will be revised, and all parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards


    GB190-1990 Dangerous Goods Packaging Mark

    GB/T325-1991 Packaging Container Steel Drum

    GB/T 601-1988 Preparation of standard solutions for chemical reagent titration analysis (volume analysis)

    Preparation of preparations and products used in GB/T 603-1988 chemical reagent test method

    GB/T1250-1989 The method of expressing and judging the limit value

    GB/T3143-1982 Method for color determination of liquid chemicals (Hazen unit-cobalt color number)

    GB/T 4472-1984 General Rules for the Determination of Density and Relative Density of Chemical Products

    GB/T 6678-1986 General Rules for Sampling of Chemical Products

    GB/T6680-1986 General Rules for Sampling of Liquid Chemical Products

    GB/T7534-1987 Determination of Boiling Range of Volatile Organic Liquids for Industrial Use (eqv ISO 918: 1983)

    3 requirements

    1 Appearance: transparent colorless or light yellow liquid without mechanical impurities


    2 The quality of industrial 1,-oxazepine should meet the requirements of Table 1


    Table 1

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