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    Industrial insulation coatings effectively reduce heat transfer and increase heat usage

    • Last Update: 2021-01-17
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    In 2012, Xinjiang shipped more than 40 million tons of coal, delivered 6,479 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and exported 9.29 million tons of refined oil and 15.08 million tons of crude oil from pipelines. It is estimated that in 2013, china will export 34 million tons of coal, electricity, pipeline oil and crude oil, 6 billion kilowatt hours, 11 million tons and more than 22 million tons, respectively. Industrial development is fast and there is a high demand for energy-efficient materials.
    as a heat insulation coating in Xinjiang, brushing industrial equipment, insulation insulation, improve the use of heat. An industrial thermal insulation coating is a solar thermal reflection insulation coating, painted in buildings, oil tank depots, grain silos, outdoor equipment, reduce the sun's exposure to heat, maintain low temperature surface;
    industrial thermal reflection insulation coating, is a thermal reflection insulation coating is a kind of energy-saving functional coating that can improve solar thermal radiation reflection, reduce solar thermal absorption, and play the role of thermal insulation cooling. Thermal reflection insulation coating is a new type of cooling energy-saving materials, can be very good sun protection cooling insulation, easy to paint, good energy-saving effect. Now the domestic large-scale well-known manufacturers to study the insulation paint time is relatively early, performance is relatively painted, in the domestic application of a wide range of ZS-221 sunscreen insulation coating can reduce the surface temperature of the object by more than 20 degrees C, cloudy days and nights can be cooled by more than 3 degrees C or reduced to the same as the atmospheric temperature, thermal reflection insulation effect is obvious. ZS-221 sunscreen insulation paint for small cracks painted objects have a good waterproof, leak-proof effect. In addition, the paint brush smooth and flat, hydrophobic, self-cleaning performance is good, so the temperature cooling coating is high-efficiency cooling, thin layer decoration, self-cleaning waterproof, moisture-proof ultraviolet aging, acid-base anti-corrosion in one of the new sun protection and energy-saving long-life paint. The ZS-221 thermal reflection insulation coating applied to the surface of the coated object, in the intense solar thermal radiation can make the temperature of the object heat up lower, and the more intense the sun exposure, the greater the temperature difference of the object heating, thereby greatly reducing the harm of solar thermal radiation.
    industrial thermal conduction coating, reduce heat loss ZS-1 heat insulation coating technology content is high, high temperature energy-saving coating is a high-performance thermal insulation composite ceramic insulation material, military high-tech insulation coating into a multi-functional insulation coating for civilian use, the use of the latest international technology integrated thermal insulation coating set production equipment, exclusive production and sales, improve the insulation insulation coating internal quality and various technical indicators Stability, the use of special high-temperature solution, coating temperature resistance can reach 2000 degrees C, low thermal insulation coefficient, thermal conductivity of only 0.03W/m.K, thermal insulation rate of up to 90%, ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating hardness, greatly improve the energy saving rate of industrial equipment, reduce energy consumption effect significantly, in some equipment, can improve industrial production process conditions, improve the overall quality of industrial equipment.
    to the special situation of rapid heavy industrial development and high energy consumption in Xinjiang, and further accelerate the energy-saving use of new materials. We will vigorously develop productive service industries and strategic emerging industries with low energy consumption and high added value, promote cities to gradually form an industrial structure dominated by a service economy, and increase the proportion of service industries in the national economy. Optimize the structure of energy consumption and encourage the use of clean energy.
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