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    Industrialized management of Agriculture: International Model and China's trend

    • Last Update: 2002-03-15
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    Introduction: VNV one and two main modes The two main modes of agricultural industrialization in developed countries are the vertical integration of the United States and the horizontal integration of Japan The vertical integration of agricultural management in the United States is mainly realized by two ways: agribusiness complex and contract system Agricultural industrial and commercial complex means that industrial and commercial capital directly involves in agriculture, realizing the integration of planting, production, processing and sales Its main advantage is to reduce the intermediate links and accelerate the speed of agricultural products entering the processing and market The main factors limiting the development of the first mock exam are the anti-monopoly policies of the government and the technical characteristics of agricultural production In order to protect family farms and prevent monopoly, many states in the United States have enacted legislation to restrict companies from engaging in agricultural activities In terms of technical factors, except for a few agricultural products, agricultural products are still largely affected by the natural environment, so it is difficult to truly achieve factory type standardized production The contract system means that the company signs a contract with the farmer, standardizes the economic behavior of both parties and stabilizes the business contacts, so as to form a quasi integrated agricultural operation The U.S government gives tax preference to this form of operation The level integration of Japan's agricultural management is mainly achieved through the Japan Agricultural Association Japan Agricultural Association is a representative of the interests of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, as well as an agency to implement laws and policies Japan Agricultural Association's main business includes purchase and sale, credit, insurance and common facilities utilization Second, the current situation and trend of China's agricultural industrialization has shown a vigorous development momentum, especially after the 15th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposed to actively develop agricultural industrialization, local governments have shown a positive attitude of supporting and promoting agricultural industrialization Due to the imbalance of rural economy and agricultural development level, the process and mode of agricultural industrialization are different, but they have also shown some common trends and characteristics Land scale management is an important aspect of China's agricultural industrialization The coastal areas have developed rapidly, mainly showing the following types: free subcontracting among farmers - a form commonly adopted nationwide Two field system model: Taking Pingdu City of Shandong Province as the representative, the cultivated land is divided into two types: grain ration field and commodity production field The grain ration field is distributed equally according to the population, while the commodity production field is tendered according to the principle of efficiency The village (collective) farm model, represented by Wuxi County of Jiangsu Province and Shunyi County of Beijing, adjusts the land and runs the farm on the basis of the separation of grain ration field and responsibility field; Joint stock system of land -- represented by Nanhai City, Guangdong Province, farmers take the right of land management as shares and form "agricultural development joint stock company" collectively In terms of the organizational forms of industrial operation, there are mainly the following types: the organization of agricultural companies participated by farmers, etc.; the organization of "company + farmer", taking the company as the leader, connecting with farmers through contracts; the organization of cooperative economy + farmer, community or supply and Marketing Society, connecting with farmers through services "Professional technology association + farmers" - contact with farmers through services; "professional wholesale market + farmers" - connect farmers through transactions and information From a regional perspective, the rapid development of agricultural industrialization is in the suburbs of Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Shanghai and Beijing Generally speaking, China's agricultural industrialization is still in the very primary and just beginning stage, in the ascendant In this wave of development, large enterprises and entrepreneurs will emerge from the countryside and farmers, and grow up into a powerful agricultural industrial capital; there will also be a large number of industrial and commercial capital and urban people to invest in agriculture and rural areas; the gap between agriculture and industry, rural areas and urban areas will gradually narrow in this integration, which breeds unlimited business opportunities VNv
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