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    Industry | 25 paint shops conduct special inspections on paint shops by inspecting Mars Street in Furong District

    • Last Update: 2021-04-30
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    In order to further strengthen the supervision of the paint market and standardize the operation order of the paint market, according to the characteristics of many paint stores in the jurisdiction, Chen Gong, deputy director of safety production in Mars Street, Furong District, Changsha, led a team to organize the streets from January 12 to 14.
    The safety supervision station and the Xinghe community conduct special inspections on all operating stores in the Shuangying Paint City and Mawangdui Ceramic Building Materials City Paint Zone in their jurisdiction.
    This special inspection focuses on checking whether the paint product identification of each operating store is standardized, whether the paint storage volume exceeds the standard, and whether there are hidden safety hazards in the business site, etc.
    Through house-to-house inspections, strengthen the daily supervision of operators, find out the base and actual operating conditions of the paint business entities in the jurisdiction, and establish and improve the operating entity accounts.
    During the inspection process, the staff of the safety supervision station actively promoted the knowledge of laws and regulations such as the "Safety Production Law" and the "Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals" to business operators, requiring business operators to earnestly perform their inspection obligations and further enhance their legal awareness.
    Judging from the inspection results, the overall situation of the 25 operating stores is relatively good, and the management is relatively standardized.
    The operating varieties are mainly water-soluble composite paints, with stable properties and high safety factors.
    The share of operating traditional paints is small, and the total amount of storage has not exceeded the standard.
    In the next step, the Martian Street Safety Supervision Station will continue to supervise and inspect all paint stores within its jurisdiction to ensure that all paint stores within its jurisdiction operate legally and safely.
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