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    Industry: Accelerating the localization of pharmaceutical equipment is also imminent

    • Last Update: 2022-06-23
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      [ Chemical Machinery Equipment Network Market Analysis ] Recently, the localization of chips can be said to be the focus of domestic attention, and it has also aroused heated discussions among pharmaceutical robots .
    A few days ago, some people in the pharmaceutical industry believed that “accelerating the localization of pharmaceutical equipment is also imminent, and Huawei is a lesson for the past.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis chemical machinery and equipment
      The high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, is the top priority of the high-quality development of my country's economy.
    As an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry also needs to develop in the direction of high quality and self-reliance.


      Status of the pharmaceutical equipment industry:
     Status of the pharmaceutical equipment industry:
      Lack of core technology and lack of competitiveness of domestic equipment
      Lack of core technology and lack of competitiveness of domestic equipment
      At present, in terms of the development status of my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry has basically been able to meet the domestic market demand, while the scale of overseas markets is also expanding, with an average annual growth rate of export delivery value exceeding 20%.


      According to the "In-Depth Market Research and Investment Strategy Recommendation Report for the Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry for 2020-2024" released by the New Sijie Industry Research Center, at present, domestic pharmaceutical equipment has basically achieved import substitution in the low-end market, but there is still a need for further progress in the market.
    Strengthen the breakthrough.


      It is understood that in the middle and low-end fields, domestic products have obvious advantages, and they generally rely on low prices to compete in the market.
    In the field, products such as centrifuges are basically monopolized by imported brands.
    On the whole, the technical level and stability of domestic pharmaceutical equipment need to be improved.

      Analyzing the reasons behind it, the lack of core technology is a "stuck neck" problem on the road to the high-quality development of the entire domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry.
    Since domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies are basically small and medium-sized, their independent innovation capabilities are not strong, and they lack enthusiasm in R&D investment, making the competitive advantage of product technology and quality in the market not obvious.


      Looking forward to the future of the industry:
     Looking forward to the future of the industry:
      There is a lot of room for development, and the two shortcomings need to be made up urgently
      There is a lot of room for development, and the two shortcomings need to be made up urgently
      Pharmaceutical machine personnel pointed out that under the influence of a series of pharmaceutical policies such as centralized procurement and the rising cost of pharmaceutical companies, there is still a large room for development in the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry.
    However, the current challenge is how to build core technology and core competitiveness, how to quickly and effectively establish brand status, and enterprises in the industry know how to divide labor and collaborate to highlight their respective advantages.


      At present, the pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges in cost reduction and capacity expansion under the influence of policies such as centralized procurement and consistency evaluation.
    This person believes that for pharmaceutical equipment companies, improving the continuity, automation, and information level of equipment and being able to provide complete solutions for pharmaceutical companies are the top priorities for corporate development.


      At the same time, to make domestically-made equipment out of the country, to strengthen the strategic layout of my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry, to achieve the ability to compete with imported brands through technical efforts, expand the market scope, and build brands is another aspect of domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies.
    A countermeasure.


      In addition, some people suggest that at present, pharmaceutical equipment companies should seize the country's opportunities to strengthen core technology and key component manufacturing research and development, and in-depth cooperation with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and promote the transformation and development of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing to become intelligent and intelligent.


      The author has learned that, in fact, in recent years, with the increasing awareness of independent innovation of domestic enterprises, many enterprises are making efforts in the field.


      For example, in order to break the monopoly of the valve array multi-unit ion exchange system* by foreign companies, some domestic companies have carried out long-term research and development and innovation to improve equipment performance.
    This system can save 50% of energy consumption compared with traditional equipment.
    In addition, the high discharge concentration and steam saving have brought good news to the energy saving and environmental protection of pharmaceutical companies.


      At the 2020 Shanghai Bio-Fermentation Exhibition held a few days ago, some companies plan to explore new markets in more fields.
    For example, a bio-equipment supplier stated that the monoclonal antibody industry has been booming in the past two years.
    At present, almost all equipment used in the industry relies on imports.
    For this, the company’s goal is to spend 5-10 years.
    Gradually use its domestically produced equipment to replace imported products.



      In general, as a rigid demand for medicine, as the aging population increases, the incidence of chronic disease patients increases, and the consumption level of the masses upgrades, the demand for pharmaceutical products will continue to expand in the future, which will indirectly drive the expansion of the demand for pharmaceutical production equipment.
    The equipment industry has huge room for development.
    At the same time, with the continuous efforts of pharmaceutical equipment companies and the industry to break through the development bottleneck, the localization of equipment will accelerate in the future and further realize import substitution in the field.


      Original title: Chip localization has become the focus, the industry: Accelerating the localization of pharmaceutical equipment is also imminent
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