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    Industry | BYD Mask Factory: Manufacture and export mask machines with a daily output of 5 million in 7 days

    • Last Update: 2021-04-30
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    The BYD Baolong Industrial Park in Longgang District, Shenzhen is a modern factory with complete and advanced intelligent production lines, which can produce 500,000 high-end mobile phones a day.
    But more than a month ago, a "special" workshop that had nothing to do with electronic equipment was built here.
    The machine works around the clock, and hundreds of workers work in two shifts every day, just to produce a "special" product-masks.
    With a daily production capacity of 5 million, it has become the world's largest mass-produced mask factory.
    On the afternoon of the 12th, the reporter walked into the BYD mask production workshop to find out.
    6 days to develop hand-washing disinfection gel 6 days to develop hand-washing disinfection gel At the end of January, BYD decided to assist in the production of masks and disinfection gel to help fight the epidemic.
    "As a representative of China's manufacturing industry, we should stand up and use all our strength to assist in the production of masks," said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD.
    This anti-epidemic material assistance task has assembled elite members of BYD's various business groups, from new energy vehicles to batteries, electronics to rail transit.
    The leaders of 12 business divisions, more than 3,000 engineers involved in R&D, design, processing and other work lines, and other employees who stayed in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival, have overcome many difficulties in the past more than one month and created " BYD Speed".
    They drew more than 400 equipment drawings in 3 days, and completed the research and development of the mask machine production equipment in 7 days.
    On the market, it takes 15 days to build a mask machine and 30 days to build a mask machine.
    The BYD Central Research Institute, which is responsible for the R&D and production of disinfectant gel, completed the product development of BYD's medical-grade hand-washing disinfectant gel in 6 days under the leadership of the dean, Dr.
    Qing Gong.
    After 8 days, the product was mass-produced.
    BYD took two weeks to complete the work that would normally take two months to complete.
    The reporter saw that the mask workshop produced by BYD is located in a 6-story factory building.
    The mask workshop occupies only one floor, covering a total of 15,000 square meters.
    The relevant person in charge of the workshop said: “There are currently more than 100 lines with a daily production capacity of 5 million masks, making it the world’s largest mass-produced mask factory.
    90% of the mask production line is self-made mask production line and 90% is self-madeLike all other products, the production of masks requires corresponding equipment.
    Due to the long order and delivery cycle of mask machines on the market, in order to solve this problem, BYD decided to build its own mask machines.
    “A production line for a mask machine requires about 1,300 parts for various gears, chains, rollers, and wheels, 90% of which are BYD’s self-made parts.
    ” According to Li Wei, director of BYD’s president office, BYD has been established since its establishment.
    A professional equipment R&D and manufacturing team has been engaged in the independent R&D and manufacturing of complex production lines and equipment such as electronics, batteries, and new energy vehicles.
    The entire group has tens of thousands of processing centers, as well as various grinders, molds, etc.
    High-precision equipment.
    "Take BYD's electronics business as an example.
    The mobile phones we make have very high requirements for quality, waterproofness, and other aspects, as well as corresponding molds, automation equipment, and manufacturing processes.
    In other words, we actually use processing High-end precision products are used to process and produce masks, and the precision and quality of the masks are far higher than the requirements of general masks.
    " said Zhao Jianping, general manager of BYD's quality department.
    After the release of the news of assisting labor masks to the outside world, demand for orders flooded from all directions.
    Currently, BYD's masks have reached a production capacity of 5 million masks per day.
    The relevant person in charge of BYD said that the production of masks only stems from BYD's social responsibility and will not become one of the main businesses in the future.
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