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    Industry | Practicing the concept of green development, building materials companies actively explore new paths for transformation and development

    • Last Update: 2021-04-30
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    Not long ago, Beijing International Airport was officially put into operation.
    The green building materials such as integrated building insulation and decoration panels selected in accordance with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection have been successfully applied to the main base airline-Eastern Airlines Base Project, the East Tower Annex Building of the new airport, etc.
    It is understood that the product combines thermal insulation materials with decorative panels of various shapes and colors or inorganic pre-coated decorative panels in the factory to achieve the partization, standardization, diversification of the product and the factoryization of production.
    The above cases are just a microcosm of the accelerated transformation and upgrading of my country's building materials industry under the guidance of the concept of "green development" in recent years.
    With the advancement of industrial upgrading, pollution prevention and overcapacity reduction, the traditional extensive development model has long been outdated.
    Accelerating transformation and upgrading, and continuous research and development of new technologies and products have become the inevitable choice for building materials companies to adapt to the new situation and seek new development.
    Transformation and upgrading is the general trend Transformation and upgrading is the general trend Affected by multiple factors, the development of the building materials industry is also facing a new situation.
    According to the "Economic Operation of the Building Materials Industry in the First Half of 2019" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from January to May this year, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the building materials industry above designated size declined slightly.
    From the perspective of investment structure, the new capacity of cement and flat glass has been significantly reduced, and the fixed asset investment in the building materials industry is mainly concentrated in areas such as technological equipment improvement, environmental protection facilities investment, and downstream deep processing.
    There are practical reasons why fixed asset investment is concentrated on technological equipment improvement and environmental protection facilities investment.
    In the era of high-quality development, both government departments and consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of building materials.
    In September 2019, the General Office of the State Council forwarded the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the Quality Assurance System and Improving the Quality of Construction Engineering" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, clarifying that building materials quality management should be further strengthened.
    Specific measures include: establishing and improving response processing of defective building materials products and information sharing Cooperate with the department to deal with the mechanism, implement the life-long responsibility of the building material production unit and supply unit, regulate the order of the building material market, and establish a building material quality traceability mechanism from production to use, and disclose relevant information to the society.
    At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Opinions on Promoting the implementation of manufacturing quality products and service enhancements" should be made to improve the supply of industrial raw material quality, speed up the iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminumThe transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as, flat glass, etc.
    , promote clean and efficient production processes, implement green and intelligent transformation, and encourage the development and application of online quality monitoring, diagnosis and optimization systems throughout the process.
    In addition to national ministries and commissions, some localities have also issued corresponding policies to promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry.
    For example, the "Shanxi Building Materials Industry 2019 Action Plan" clearly stated that it should be guided by the development and application of key building materials products, focusing on the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and green development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry in Shanxi Province to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the building materials industry.
    At the same time, for key technological transformation projects that promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry, optimize the industrial structure, and have an industry-leading role, special funds will be given to provincial-level technological transformation.
    Policy orientation often directly affects market trends.
    In the era of high-quality development, eliminating outdated production capacity and accelerating transformation and upgrading are the general trend and the trend of the times.
    In this context, how should the transformation and upgrading of building materials companies go? Chen Shuai, vice president of the Engineering Bidding and Purchasing Branch of China Building Materials Market Association, analyzed that building materials companies should put product quality in the first place.
    In addition, good marketing ideas and active understanding of the market and going to the market are also key.
    Actively making changes can win the future Actively making changes can win the future Actively making changes can win the future It is because of future industry competition and adapting to the new market situation, many building materials companies decisively choose to step out of the "comfort zone" and be proactive Seek transformation and upgrading, and explore innovative development paths.
    Taking stainless steel pipes as an example, in the new version of the "Green Building Evaluation Standards" implemented in August this year, the "special requirements" that specify the use of copper or stainless steel pipes in a certain field have attracted the attention of many people in the industry.
    According to Gao Shenghua, an expert in the stainless steel industry, the smooth inner wall of stainless steel pipes can reduce operating costs, and it will not accumulate scale or be easily contaminated by bacteria in long-term use.
    However, the current industry is low in concentration, dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and product quality is even more uneven.
    The steel pipe industry survey report also shows that the main products of the low-end market for industrial stainless steel pipes are ordinary small and medium diameter stainless steel pipes.
    Due to the low technical content of this market and low entry barriers, there are many small and medium steel pipe manufacturers.
    There are many OEM manufacturers, so the profit level is low.
    On the other hand, in the mid-to-high-end market, due to the stricter product use environment and higher technical content, the supply of mid-to-high-end stainless steel pipes exceeds demand.
    As a veteran manufacturer of centrifugal ductile iron pipes and fittings, casting products, and steel-plastic composite pipes, Xinxing Cast Pipe has seized this blue ocean market and extended its business scope to the field of stainless steel pipes, focusing on the development of new environmentally friendly products-Xinxing Stainless Steel Pipe .
    According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the company's production base produces 17,000 tons of stainless steel pipes and fittings per year.
    The products are widely used in HVAC, fire protection, home improvement, medicine and other fields.
    "Our newly launched products have the advantages of health and safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high-end fashion, etc.
    " The person in charge said that the negative difference of the wall thickness of emerging stainless steel pipes is small, which can ensure the strength and pressure bearing capacity of the pipes.
    At the same time, the company also gives full play to its technical advantages, adding an online solid solution process to stainless steel pipes, which can be bright solution treatment; adding online and offline eddy current flaw detection and pressure test technology, multiple inspections to control quality.
    In addition, in order to ensure the safety of pipelines, the wall thickness of Xinxing stainless steel pipe fittings is also one grade higher than that of products of the same caliber.
    In addition to the steel pipe industry, many companies in the cement industry are also actively exploring transformation and upgrading.
    Huaxin Cement recently launched P·C42.
    5 high-quality structural cement, which has higher strength grade, good fluidity, and good wrapping.
    It can be better applied to the construction of low-rise building beams and slabs, village roads, ditches and other civil structures.
    The company’s president Li Yeqing said that not only must it provide the market with higher-grade and better-quality cement products, but also aim at customer needs to achieve finer segmentation and more professional product functions.
    Building materials companies are actively exploring the transformation and upgrading path on the one hand, and the “escort” of relevant government departments is also very important.
    Taking the above-mentioned stainless steel pipe industry as an example, industry expert Jiang Wenyuan analyzed that it is imperative to formulate a unified standard.
    "Due to the different standards, the outer diameters and supporting pipe fittings produced by various companies are different, and the interchangeability is poor.
    This has become a bottleneck for the further development of the stainless steel pipe industry to a certain extent.
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