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    Inflammomaxy: New treatments for effective treatments for a wide range of inflammatory diseases

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-/
    Biovalley -- In a study published in the international journal
    in the journal intheta
    , scientists from the University of Liverpool and others have revealed the potential benefits of a new drug therapy for the body's immune response to inflammationIn a range of inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis, COVID-19, there are many complications and extensive tissue damage when the host body's immune system is activated excessively or uncontrollably, so finding new ways to selectively control this overactivity may yield important clinical benefitsPicture Source: CC0 Public Domain
    In order to maintain the body's health, the body needs to produce an effective immune response, otherwise we will succumb to overwhelming infection
    s, even dailybacteria;neutrophils are the most abundant immune cells in the blood, which are quickly dispatched to the body's infection site, by destroying the infectious organism and producing cytokine signaling proteins to complete life-saving antibacterial function, cytokines can help coordinate the recruitment and activity of other immune system cells, thus effectively combating infection, there is a lot of evidence that these cells are an important factor behind many rhytry diseasesin certain conditions, if the level of cytokines is too high, it will induce cytokine storms, which in turn produce a higher level of serious, resulting in vascular obstruction and rupture, affecting the body's complete circulatory system, cytokine storms will promote the body to produce great damage, multi-organ failure, septicaemia and even death, and it also plays a key role in the occurrence of severe COVID-19For years, scientists and clinical researchers have wanted to understand the potential benefits of suppressing central granulocytes, but it seems unrealistic to want to do so without weakening the body's immune response to infectionAPPA, a new drug used to treat osteoarthritis, found that the drug has potential for anti-inflammatory and does not weaken the body's host defenses against infection, said researcher Robert Moots, whoappA or is expected to slow the harmful inflammatory response that promotes rheumatic disease, but does not affect the key antibacterial functions of neutrophils, which they have been looking for for for years the results of this paper, APPA plays a key role in helping to modify the over-immune response, not just the arthritis that researchers treat every day, but even COVID-19; without interfering with the ability of neutrophils to fight infection, targeting its harmful effects in inflammatory responses may be a long-standing goal of scientists, and now researchers are finally achieving that goal The results of this paper reinforce the beneficial clinical results that scientists have observed in the treatment of osteoarthritis patients, as well as the important role app
    a play in the treatment of a range of diseases in which inflammation is involved ( origins: Cross, A.L., Hawkes, J., Wright, H.L et al.
    a (apocynin and paeonol) modulatess sylls smrs of human neutrophil function, without supressing anti-stou-sitho sut sie, and inhibits TNF-alpha expression and signalling
    Inflammopharmacol (2020).doi: 10.1007/s10787-020-00715-5
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