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    Infusion drip speed, fast and slow to pay attention to.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-28
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    Guide: Infusion treatment, not only the type of attention, fast and slow is also the key.
    intravenous fluids are injected directly from the veins into the body's circulatory system without the absorption process, through which blood circulation doesn't go directly to the body's organs and tissues.
    In the daily treatment, we found that patients do not attach great importance to the speed of infusion, often people feel that the drop of medicine is too slow, want to finish as soon as possible, the drip speed faster, or feel a little uncomfortable, the drip speed slow down.
    this is inappropriate behavior, there may be serious consequences, we should know that the infusion drip speed is very careful.
    intravenous fluids is related to patient efficacy and drug safety.
    the drop rate is constant, so that the concentration of drug infusions and infusions remain stable over a relative period of time, helping to maintain the heart load.
    what might happen if the infusion drips were too fast or too slow? Most of the drugs that require slow drops are designed to reduce and reduce adverse reactions.
    Common drugs are: 1) easy to cause intravenous inflammation of drugs some antibacterial drugs such as erythromycin, intravenous drip, due to strong vascular irritation, drip concentration is too high or too fast can often lead to intravenous inflammation, manifested in different degrees of pain and hard veins at the injection site.
    2) May cause cardiac toxicity of the drug azithromycin, lincomycin, etc. , drip speed can occur too fast arrhythmic, serious can cause heart beat, respiratory arrest.
    the risk of titration and ticking too fast.
    3) If the intravenous drip time is too short, there may be red man syndrome, the main symptoms are itching, rubella, high fever, chills, angioedema, heart rate acceleration, low blood pressure and other risks, including excessive infusion speed and concentration.
    4) Drugs that impair kidney function, such as cephalosporins, axilovy, ribaverin, etc., refers to drugs excreted mainly through the kidneys, if the intravenous infusion is too fast, the concentration of drugs excreted by the kidneys in unit time is too high, can increase the possibility of drug-based kidney damage.
    5) Electrolyte and acid-base balance and nutritional preparation electrolyte drugs such as potassium chloride intravenous drips easily cause irritating pain, intravenous overuse or administration rate too fast can cause high potassiumemia; Sodium hydration retention, causing edema, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, and even acute left heart failure;
    Amino acid drugs its osmotic pressure greatly exceeds the normal permeation pressure of the human body, if the drip speed is too fast, high seepage can cause cell dehydration, increase the capacity of extracellular fluid, so that blood volume increases sharply, and then increase the burden of circulatory system, resulting in dizziness, vomiting, low blood pressure, tachyropathy and other phenomena, elderly patients with poor cardiopulmonary function, especially patients with kidney disease should control drip speed;
    6) Chinese medicine / traditional Chinese medicine injection injections should be in strict accordance with the drug instructions of the speed of administration.
    such as Kanye, Eddie injections, too fast can appear to varying degrees of adverse reactions.
    there are some drugs, if the infusion is too slow will lead to blood concentration lower than the effective treatment concentration, can not achieve the therapeutic and first aid effect, poor stability of the drug may even lose the effectiveness.
    Should be appropriate to speed up the drip of drugs, mainly: 1) dehydration drugs such as 250mL20% glycol injection to reduce intracranial pressure generally requires 15 to 30 minutes to drop, so that the plasma forms a high seepage state, otherwise invalid.
    2) Penicillin or beta endamide antimicrobial drugs are mostly safe, small adverse reactions, in order to improve efficacy, in order to give full play to the advantages of sterilization during reproduction, can take a high concentration of relatively fast input, but also can reduce drug degradation.
    3) When the body's blood volume is rapidly reduced and shock symptoms occur, effective blood volume should be rapidly replenished, and a short period of time should be quickly entered 0.9% sodium chloride injection, right glycogen, whole blood or plasma, albumin to maintain effective refractemia.
    4) When Atropine treats organophosphate pesticide poisoning, in order to play a therapeutic role quickly, as soon as possible to achieve Atropine, improve the rescue effect, need to improve the drip rate and concentration (with the exception of patients with cardiovascular disease).
    5) Anti-arrhythmic drugs, anti-tumor drugs, heparin, vascular active drugs and oxytocin.
    the drug drops too slowly, the patient cannot obtain an effective drug concentration or fluid volume.
    In addition, the use of dopamine, methylamphetamine, epinephrine, epinephrine, psilocybin, nitrosodium and other drugs should closely observe the patient's blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, limb temperature and urine volume, according to the patient's condition changes at any time to adjust the drop rate, so that blood pressure remains at normal levels.
    speed of intravenous drips should be adjusted according to the patient's age, illness, etc. in addition to the nature of the drug.
    General adults 40 to 60 drops / minute, children, the elderly 20 to 40 drops / minute, old and infirm, infants and young children, cardiopulmonary disease should be slow, serious dehydration, good heart and lung function can be fast.
    receive infusion therapy, when the nurse adjusts the drip rate, do not speed up or slow down without authorization.
    In the process of infusion, don't just look at the mobile phone or doze off, be sure to pay attention to observe whether the infusion line is smooth, local swelling and pain and other conditions leading to changes in drip speed, if there are abnormalities, you can ask the nurse to come to see.
    if you feel obvious discomfort during the infusion process, such as chest tightness, panic, shortness of breath, etc., you should first close the infusion path, and timely seek medical help.
    attention to the drug intravenous drip speed, reasonable control of the drug's intravenous drip speed, seemingly small details, but also to ensure the safety of patients with drugs an important link! References: Wang Yinping, Li Yanjiao, Zhang Jie, Zhang Yongkai. Analysis of the labeling of the drip limit item of an intravenous drip drug instruction manual in a hospital, China Pharmaceuticals, 2020, 29 (04): 12-15. Zhu Ping, Jiang Zhengli, Lai Haidan. Reasonable Control of Drug Intravenous Drip Technology, Strait Pharmacy, 2011, 23 (09): 174-176. Zheng Xiaoxuan, Cheng Yanyan, Wu Meihua, Xiao Ling, Lin Yan, Huang Yufang, He Lifang. Documentary Analysis of Vancomycin Redness Syndrome , Journal of Clinical Rational Drug Use, 2019, 12 (07): 130-131. (Chen Wei, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaoda University School of Medicine)
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