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    Ingredient Supplier Innovation Collection (foodaily)

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    : Candy waterless filler AAK
    company for candy products to introduce a new waterless, zero trans fatty acids of high-quality filled fat. This stuffed fat has an attractive texture, a creamy feel, a caramel feel, and a truffle melting feeling.Confao
    candy fillers to avoid loss of oil and moisture, resulting in a perfect taste and flavor outflow. The filler has latency properties and has a long shelf life, even under high temperature storage conditions."
    confectionery manufacturers face a lot of challenges in creating their own unique product applications,
    consumer innovation manager
    Ramesh Reddy
    must consider a lot of things, including the consumer's sensory experience, process and stability, formulation, and trademark requirements.
    expertise in confectionery and can be a great help to confectionery companies, for example by providing grease-filled product solutions.
    provides lactase products for lactose-free dairy products Novozyme
    , launched
    liquid lactase
    , mainly used for lactose-free dairy products and fermented dairy products.,
    produces less carbohydrate than regular yeast lactase, so lactose levels can be more accurately detected.Saphera Lactase
    to reduce the sugar content of the target product. It converts lactose from dairy products into semi-lactose and glucose, reducing the sugar content of lactose-free products on the one hand and maintaining the sweetness of the product on the other."
    than other lactase,
    can operate under lower
    and higher temperatures. Therefore, it is suitable not only for lactose-free milk, but also for fermented dairy products.

    product performs very well in yogurt, outperdistripping other yeast lactases, said

    Simon Lyndegaard, director of food platform and strategic development at Novozyme
    . In addition, the addition of conversion enzymes and other adverse factors makes
    a great solution for sweet dairy products that maintain physical and sensory properties during shelf life better than other products currently on the market.
    , in partnership with Brazilian farmers, launched Stevia Stevivia
    , which began working with Brazilian farmers to produce stevia extracts
    Brazilia Sweet RA95
    BraziliaSweet 95-60
    .these low-sugar products, which feature clean labels, come from a part of Brazil where the crop identity is protected by stevia.
    first invests in and supports relevant farmers, with the aim of maintaining environmental sustainability and product traceability.high-strength, low-calorie sweeteners can be used in beverages, fruit products, meal bars, cereal products, snacks, desserts, ice cream, candy, jam, and jelly.
    braziliaSweet RA95
    BraziliaSweet 95-60
    are Jewish and Islamic certified and
    ISO 9001
    , as well as
    FSSC 22000

    products are non-GMO certified Sensient
    's California-grown garlic, onions, and parsley are non-GMO certified. "Sensient
    and California farmers maintain long-term trust relationships in order to give consumers access to traceable, stable, and sustainable products.
    non-GMO certification is a support to the stringent requirements our company already has, and it also encourages us to continuously improve the quality of our products and deliver high-quality, all-natural ingredients to our customers," said
    Ryan Goularte
    , general manager of
    ” The product chain also complies with
    global standards and is Jewish and Islamic certified and gluten-free. 5
    launched non-GMO certified coconut cream products iTi Tropicals
    , based in
    , New Jersey, and recently introduced non-GMO certified products containing
    fat coconut cream, containing stabilizers and non-stabilizers. The product enhances fragrance, optimizes texture and taste, and can be used in a variety of dairy alternatives such as milk, dehydrated milk, condensed milk, cheese and yogurt. The product is similar in texture to whipped cream and can therefore be used for desserts, coffee and hot drinks. source of this
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