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    Inhibition of resveratrol on fungi and its mechanism

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Last revision: 2013-01-11 09:44 classification: efficacy a paper before 0 people's review introduced the inhibition of resveratrol on bacteria and its mechanism

    Now I will talk about the inhibition of resveratrol on fungi and its mechanism

    Methods: the MIC of res to T

    rubrum, M

    gymnoides and C

    albicans were determined according to M38

    P and M27

    P of CLSI

    At the same time, the effect of Res on the ultrastructure of fungi was observed by electron microscopy

    The preparation of electron microscopy samples was made by plate inoculation with medicine

    The final drug concentration of the plate was 0.032mg/ml

    After inoculation, it was incubated at 27 ℃ for 5-7 days

    The samples of scanning and transmission microscopy were prepared according to the routine

    Results: the mic 50 and Mic 90 of res to Trichophyton rubrum were 0.032mg/ml, and to Microsporum gymnoides were 0.032mg/ml and 0.064mg/ml, respectively

    At the highest concentration of 1.024mg/ml, there was no significant inhibitory effect on Candida albicans

    The effect of Res on the morphology and ultrastructure of dermatophytes was observed by scanning electron microscope

    It can be seen clearly that the mycelium in the normal control group grew well, the surface of the mycelium was smooth and full, there were branches, and the thickness of the mycelium was even

    After the concentration of res was 0.032mg/ml, the mycelium appeared obvious destructive cracks, the surface layer peeled and perforated, most of them were broken, and the cell content was lost

    Transmission electron microscopy showed that the cell wall of the normal control group was intact and even in thickness

    After 0.032mg/ml res, the nuclear membrane breaks, dissolves and disappears

    There are vacuoles in mitochondria, which are dense and medullary

    The results show that res has a very good antibacterial effect on dermatophytes

    The electron micrograph shows that res can destroy the bacteria, but not on Candida albicans

    Conclusion: 1

    Resveratrol has a good antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus and dermatophytes at a low concentration, especially on dermatophytes

    It can provide basis for clinical application and new drug research, and is expected to become a new way of clinical treatment of infection


    Through the above experiments, we preliminarily infer that res interferes with the synthesis of Staphylococcus cell wall and damages the cell membrane, affects the normal cell cycle of bacteria, and inhibits the replication of intracellular substances

    The inhibition of dermatophytes may be to destroy the cell wall or interfere with the synthesis of the cell wall, and then enter the cell through the damaged cell wall, and the drug causes the destruction of matrix and organelle, or after the drug enters the cell wall, the ion balance in the cell is maladjusted, resulting in the change of pH value osmotic pressure and other damage of matrix and organelle, or the result of the two mechanisms working together at the same time.
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