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    Innovation-oriented Sichuan tune industry to break the homogenization dilemma

    • Last Update: 2022-09-14
    • Source: Internet
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    With the popularity of Sichuan cuisine and consumers' love for the taste of Sichuan cuisine, the Sichuan industry has ushered in a good opportunity

    "The condiment industry is in a market environment where challenges and opportunities coexist, and as a member of the condiment industry, the Sichuan industry is also facing market challenges

    Thanks to the pull of consumer demand and the promotion of the industrial end, the Sichuan adjustment industry is becoming a major outlet in China's condiment industry, how to surpass the homogenization problem and make this outlet last longer? Industry insiders analyzed the problems of homogenization: one is the imbalance between supply and demand, the second is factory thinking, the third is plagiarism first, and the fourth is the price war

    Zhang Ji, a special researcher at the Big Data Information Center of the China Condiment Association, said that the promotion of the entire industry relies on differentiated innovation, and if you want to "transcend homogenization", you need to implement this problem more solidly

    The rise of innovative products is inseparable from consumer insights and advance layout

    Wu Xuejun, vice president of Sichuan Tianwei Food, said that beyond homogenization is to do refined operation, whether it is the insight of the user side or the communication of the brand side, it is necessary to do refined operation, do high-quality development, and do quality and efficiency

    (Source: Information Department of the China Mediation Association)

    China Food News (2022.

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