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    Innovative drug development choices: stand alone or flourish?

    • Last Update: 2021-04-18
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    In 2020, the domestic biomedical capital market will continue to be active.

    On the one hand, the active influx of capital, on the other hand, is affected by external factors such as concentrated procurement, policy changes, and the new crown epidemic.

    However, for Chinese innovative pharmaceutical companies, under the Fast Follow and License-in strategies, which enterprise model can develop better? Does the "king" era that focuses on a drug or a field still exists? Should you choose to bet on a single product that will thrive, or deploy multiple businesses to flourish?

    01 , stood out: residual memories

    01 , stood out: residual memories

    Outstanding one is not a myth, it is engraved in the memory of the times; the future may drift away, but it has also come true.

    The death of the legendary John Martin of Gilead allows us to relive the miracle while cherishing the memory.

    Humira, a legend in the medicine world, has been the world medicine king for nearly 10 years and has independently supported AbbVie's sky.

    Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to stand out, which is related to the progress of science and technology and the acceleration of iteration.

    However, if the forerunner does not have strong technical barriers, it will inevitably be caught up by Fast Follow, and the cake will be grabbed by the latecomers.

    Do you have the confidence to do a good job?



    With the rapid rise of PD-1/L1, Cinda Bio and Junshi Bio are also actively expanding their business layout.

    It is true that "outstanding" is a short-lived stage for most companies, and will eventually be replaced by a hundred flowers, because companies that don't want to make progress will eventually be eliminated.

    However, not all sowing is reaped.



    For example, although the adverse effects of Enhertu's interstitial pneumonia are worrying, Enhertu does bring significant clinical activity and also disturbs the development of ADC drugs.

    In addition, products with high-tech barriers also have their own barriers.

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