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    Innovative drugs again welcome good promotion of 300 million yuan single-grab 4 concept stocks

    • Last Update: 2021-02-16
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    Recently, the State Drug Administration issued a notice that the approval of the Navuliyu single anti-injection (English name: Nivolumab Injection) import registration application, Navuliyu single anti-injection is China's first approved registration of PD-1 as the target of single anti-drug, to solve the clinical use of cancer patients in China has a positive significance.
    In addition, on June 11, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on the Organization and Implementation of Special Notices for the Development and Development of Biopharmaceutical Contracts and the Construction of Production Service Platforms (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), proposing to effectively support the research and development and industrialization of innovative drugs, and strive to achieve the capacity to provide services for the development of more than 100 new drugs per year.
    analysts pointed out that at present, the domestic field of cancer treatment, PD-1 as the representative of the innovative drug market is still blank, in the active introduction of overseas drugs at the same time, domestic innovative drug strategy is gradually being implemented, "Notice" on innovative drug research and development and production support further shows that "by imitation" is still the future development of China's pharmaceutical industry logic, related topics of investment opportunities worthy of attention.
    Securities Daily Market Research Center based on The same Huashun statistics found that yesterday in the market correction market, A-share innovative drug concept plate became the main riser, the overall cumulative increase of 2.99% (the weighted average of market value in circulation), a total of 43 stocks in the sector to achieve a rise, accounting for nearly 80% of all tradable stocks. Specifically, Tagg Pharmaceuticals, Zhifei Bio (7.04%), United Technologies (5.69%), Hengrui Pharmaceuticals (5.27%), Haichen Pharmaceuticals (5.21%), Rundu Shares (5.16%) Six stocks, including Baihua village (5.14 per cent), followed suit, all up more than 5 per cent, while 12 stocks, including Haizheng Pharmaceuticals, Zhongguancun, Watson Bio and Guangshengtang, all rose more than 3 per cent yesterday.
    the flow of funds, yesterday's large single funds also put attention to the innovative pharmaceutical sector, the plate as a whole in the large single capital net inflow state, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals (16597.14 million yuan) more than 100 million yuan, in the first place in the sector, Tagg Pharmaceuticals (4545.0) 70,000 yuan), Tonghua Dongbao (44.8166 million yuan), Fosun Pharma (44.1049 million yuan) and other 3 stocks were also actively raised by more than 40 million yuan of large single funds, the above four stocks yesterday achieved a total net inflow of large single funds of 300 million yuan.
    performance, a total of 18 innovative pharmaceutical-related listed companies have disclosed the earnings forecast, of which 17 companies reported a positive performance forecast during the reporting period, from the performance growth point of view, Heppry (1779.17%), Lun Pharmaceuticals (230.00%) is expected to double its first-half net profit year-on-year, and three companies, including Centrical Pharmaceuticals, Golden Word Ham and Kanghong Pharmaceuticals, are also expected to see interim net profit rise by more than 50%, with significant growth.
    for the future investment strategy of the sector, Zhejiang Securities said that in the context of the continuous promotion of medical reform, innovative drugs to be "new", improved drugs to be "excellent", generic drugs to be "with" further implementation. Innovation drugs and consistency evaluation as key areas of promotion remain the main investment lines of the future. Especially in the follow-up policy follow-up, high-quality innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as with heavy generic species, is expected to expand the share of generic drugs through consistent evaluation urgently need to be revalued. in terms of
    agency ratings, a total of 12 stocks in the recent sector were recommended by institutions, of which Kanghong Pharmaceuticals (7), Colum Pharmaceuticals (6), Xinlitai (5), Kailaiying (4) and other 4 medium-reported positive performance stocks in the past 30 days by 4 or more institutions to give "buy" or "overweight" and other recommended ratings, after the market investment opportunities by institutions. (Securities Daily)
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