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    Inorriable water-resistant high-temperature adhesives bond better at high temperatures

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    News: inorance water-based high temperature adhesive high temperature bonding is better, industrial boiler high temperature adhesive, that is, high temperature resistance must have high temperature resistance to medium-high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and heat shock resistance to high temperature to improve the performance of refracing materials. Because the boiler has been working at a temperature of 900 degrees C to 1100 degrees C for a long time, it is difficult to reach the ceramic sintering state at this temperature, which seriously affects the performance of refrainable materials. Therefore, the key to solve the problem is high temperature and high temperature in the use of circulating fluidized bed boiler temperature range to reach the ceramic sintering state, so as to obtain a stable and good pressure resistance and wear resistance to heat shock performance, Zhisheng Weihua ZS-1071 high temperature resistance glue is conducive to more energy-saving kilns.
    to this, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. developed a new type of circulating fluidized bed boiler with high temperature inorgic high temperature glue, model ZS-1071, the use of Chisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, temperature resistance up to 1800 degrees C. The rapid heating and high temperature resistance of the circulating fluidized bed boiler is a kind of high temperature inormeric inormeric nanocompositive high temperature resistance made by a shrinking reaction of inormeric nanomaterials, and by screening the distribution ratio and the parameters of the preparation process, the high temperature resistance is a suspended suspension with a pH neutral value. Dispersion system, not only strong bonding force and non-corrosive to the metal substate, high temperature inorgeability and high temperature application temperature range, can maintain good bonding performance and corrosion resistance at a high temperature of 1800 degrees C, long service life, so that boiler operation is safer.
    the new high temperature-resistant glue has the following characteristics:
    (1) the new ZS-1071 high-temperature-resistant glue using high-level material rare earth oxides. It can promote the sintering of refraging materials at a temperature of 900 degrees C-1100 degrees C, so that the pressure strength of refrasive materials to reach a higher level of data, enhance the wear resistance of refracing materials, so that products can resist the high concentration of dust washing, reduce wear, so it is suitable for use in circulating fluidized bed boilers.
    (2) high temperature-resistant glue material ultra-strong bonding, Zhisheng Weihua high-temperature inorient high-temperature glue and bonded materials, such as corundum, quartz, high-aluminum ceramics, graphite, carbon and carbide, high-temperature metal refracertic materials have good wetting and high temperature bonding properties. It also has good strength at high temperatures, with an average pressure resistance of 90MPa (megapa) at 1300 O and 8MPa (megapa) at 1300 degrees C. The high temperature resistance is comparable to the thermal expansion coefficient of the base refracing material, which improves the performance of the high temperature-resistant adhesive material and extends the service life.
    (3) high temperature inorderable adhesive ZS-1071 using phosphate high temperature body so that the product has a strong bonding capacity and plasticity, with temperature operability. It can be applied in coatings that need to be coated with metals, graphite, and various types of high temperature-resistant material surfaces to form protective layers. For example: high temperature anti-oxidation protective coating of metal materials, flame retardant coating, high temperature anti-oxidation protection coating of graphite materials. It can also be used in high temperature furnace lining materials, such as can be made with bone materials into the overall construction materials and repair materials, masonry materials, seam materials and other indetermate refractable materials.
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