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    Inspur Information accelerates the development of smart medical care based on the "storage as a platform" strategy

    • Last Update: 2022-01-25
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    BEIJING, Jan.
    11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In the era of digital economy, more and more industries are accelerating their intelligent and digital transformation.
    play an important role

    For example, in the medical industry, by storing, mining, and analyzing data to release its value, it can improve the medical experience, the efficiency and quality of diagnosis and treatment, the level of operation management and innovation, and help the digital transformation of medical care to develop better


    "The development of smart medical care and medical big data industry is inseparable from intelligence and informatization.
    The fundamentals of intelligence and informatization are computing power, data and algorithms

    " Heda Health Industry Information Innovation Summit stated that Inspur Information will continue to build a trinity of data infrastructure represented by storage platforms, computing power infrastructure represented by intelligent computing centers, and algorithmic infrastructure represented by massive models.
    Core competitiveness, continuously improve stronger intelligent computing and storage capabilities, and support the development of smart medical and big health industries


    When it comes to storage capacity, Li Hui said that "storage is a platform" is the strategic advantage of Inspur Storage, helping customers to solve the problem of medical data storage
    "The so-called storage is a platform, which is the development of platform-based storage products, which have platform-level related characteristics, such as interconnectivity, interoperability, mutual compatibility, and the robustness, scalability and intensification of the platform itself, and at the same time have a variety of , Modularized and standardized infrastructure construction capabilities


    Based on the "storage as a platform" strategy, Inspur Storage has built four types of platform products: centralized storage platform, distributed storage platform, backup storage platform and archive storage platform, which can undertake data infrastructure independently or in combination to provide data infrastructure.
    The four core values ​​of "safety, reliability, economy, and efficiency" can better cope with the challenges of "always-on services, never-lost data, never-ending performance, and always satisfying capacity", from strengthening data infrastructure and releasing data elements value


    Taking Anhui Provincial Hospital as an example, it can also be seen that the concept of "storage as a platform" is highly compatible with user needs
    As one of the 113 general hospitals and specialized hospitals recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, Anhui Provincial Hospital has outstanding characteristics, high level of medical technology, strong teaching and scientific research strength, and strong radiation driving ability.
    Keep moving forward, through the construction of clinical data centers, scientific research data centers, specialist disease management and scientific research platforms, and clinical guidance systems, organize large clinical sample cohorts from representative regional medical centers, and establish a multidisciplinary research collaboration group to strengthen Relevant disciplines intersect and integrate, carry out multi-center clinical and basic research, realize resource sharing, and jointly tackle key problems

    In the exploration of difficult and critical medicine, it is very important to have "data" and "data".
    Based on the combination of Inspur all-flash storage and distributed storage platform, Anhui Provincial Hospital integrates data assets and builds a collection of clinical medicine, decision analysis, The hospital-level scientific research data platform integrating scientific research and teaching integrates the original medical data islands, diagnosis and treatment, and scientific research platform applications, etc.
    , forming a medical data sharing application platform, further realizing the collaborative innovation of data, knowledge and scientific research

    It provides data support for improving the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capabilities of difficult diseases


    At present, Anhui Provincial Hospital has formed a medical consortium with 52 county and municipal hospitals and community health service centers, led the establishment of 35 specialist alliances, and led the establishment of a telemedicine collaboration network covering more than 50 hospitals inside and outside the province
    In the future, it will combine new technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve medical data, build a more complete closed-loop data chain for patients, continuously improve the level of medical technology and teaching and research strength, assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, and make hospital registration, consultation, medicine collection and surgery more convenient.
    , the efficiency of treatment and management has been greatly improved, the equalization of medical services has been promoted, and the implementation of national tiered diagnosis and treatment has been facilitated


    In the era of digital economy, data elements are becoming a key force in reshaping the global economic structure and changing the global competition pattern
    In the field of data storage, Inspur Storage will continue to implement the "storage as a platform" strategy, build a community of scenarios with industry chain partners and customers, release data value, accelerate digital transformation, and promote the development of the digital economy


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