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    Instructions for use of small high and low temperature circulator equipment and instruments

    • Last Update: 2022-05-06
    • Source: Internet
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    The small high and low temperature circulator can be used with a variety of instruments, and the electric heating and compressor refrigeration can be used to quickly increase and decrease the required temperature


    The unique control system of the small high and low temperature circulator solves the problem of switching the conduction medium.
    The heating method is circulating heating, so the medium has no loss, effectively reducing energy consumption, improving work efficiency, and more convenient to use


      The small high and low temperature cycler can display the real-time curve and historical data curve of various process parameters, and compare it with the set process curve to guide the production process

    The displayed historical curve can be saved for more than one year, which is convenient for users to check at any time

    According to the requirements of the production process, according to various process curves and ratios in the storage system, the control requirements can be sent to the PLC at any time to complete the rapid transformation of production varieties and production processes

      Small high and low temperature circulator reactor temperature control equipment can dynamically display the running status of each equipment in real time, including real-time data changes such as the feeding speed of various materials, the operating status of valves on the equipment, and the corresponding temperature data display.
    The flow chart can be Simulation, intuitive and easy to read


    The reactor automatic control system can be used for manual and automatic switching without interference

    In order to improve the performance of the whole system without losing flexibility, the system is equipped with computer operation, which can be operated by touch screen, whether it is manual, automatic or console button operation, it can be very convenient to realize

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