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    Interior wall latex paint color formula

    • Last Update: 2022-04-18
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    Cream yellow is a small amount of red plus yellow plus white latex paint, light yellow is yellow plus white latex paint, orange is red plus yellow plus white latex paint, and water pink is a small amount of red plus white latex paint

    Latex paint is a common name for emulsion paint.
    It is a water-dispersible paint.
    It is based on synthetic resin emulsion, and the filler is ground and dispersed, and then various additives are added to the paint.
    It is easy to brush, dry quickly, paint The film has good water resistance and scrub resistance, and the interior wall latex paint is a classification of latex paint, which is a kind of paint for decoration indoors


    Interior wall paint is a kind of water-based paint prepared with polymer emulsion as film-forming material, and synthetic resin emulsion as base material, adding pigments, fillers and various auxiliaries.
    It is characterized by decorative effect.
    Good, convenient construction, less environmental pollution, the material is a two-component water-based interior wall paint made of water-based epoxy resin, which can create a warm and romantic feeling, soft color, and fine texture .


    The interior wall refers to the function of dividing the space indoors.
    The walls that are not in direct contact with the outdoor air are mostly warm walls.
    The size of the interior walls is generally 12 walls, 18 walls, 24 walls, and 37 walls

    Commonly used are 12 walls, 18 walls and 24 walls.
    The interior wall paint can also be used as ceiling paint.
    Its main function is to decorate and protect the interior walls and ceilings, making them neat and beautiful, and making people in a calm and comfortable environment


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