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    Interpretation of exclusive medical insurance bureau: 92% of consumables are eliminated

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    Without a good faith price, the right to use 130 hospitals will be lost< br / > < br / > < br / > on June 8, the official website of Liaoyang medical insurance bureau released the result of "joint negotiation project of medical consumables in 2020 for medical and health institutions in Yingkou City, Liaoyang City"The content shows that there are more than 1100 enterprises participating in the registration, with more than 130000 products, but only 11000 products are finally shortlisted, with the elimination rate close to 92%< br / > < br / >? < br / > in this regard, sabilan instruments visited the relevant person in charge of the bidding and Purchasing Department of Liaoyang medical insurance bureau to learn about the negotiation and quotation in this centralized purchase< br / > < br / > it is reported that 26 kinds of medical consumables are involved in the negotiation in this centralized mining, and almost all of them have achieved price reductionTaking the orthopedic implant consumables in Liaoyang City as an example, the average decrease is 27.37%, and the average decrease of vascular intervention is 26.13%< br / > on the whole, among the 26 kinds of consumables negotiated, the highest average decrease of single type consumables is 30.09%, and the average decrease of medical consumables products in Liaoyang City is 17.37%< br / > according to the person in charge, one of the most prominent features of this purchase is that price reduction negotiation by category can realize the overall price reduction of similar varieties< br / > < br / > < br / / > from the information disclosed on the official website, we can see how the price limit mechanism is, no matter whether the product elimination rate or the price reduction rate has taken a big step forward? What are the characteristics? < br / > the person in charge pointed out that "taking the lowest price" is the top priority during negotiationFor example, for a product of enterprise a, the possible price in different hospitals is 8 yuan, 9 yuan and 10 yuan respectivelyWhen limiting the price to the enterprise, 8 yuan is the starting price< br / > at the same time, if the enterprise has a price confirmation link, the medical insurance department will confirm whether the price of 8 yuan is correct to the enterprise before entering the negotiation stage< br / > "such a mechanism ensures that the price reduction is from the lowest price to the lowest price, rather than that the enterprise raises the price and then lowers it, so as to ensure the authenticity of the price decrease," the person in charge told saber blue< br / > for enterprises that have not sold products in two cities, have they lost the market? < br / > < br / >< br / > < br / > < br / / > according to the observation of cerberyl equipment, the joint price negotiation project of medical consumables mentioned that the premise should be to meet the clinical needs of medical institutions, while ensuring the stability and continuity of consumables< br / > in this regard, the head of the Medical Insurance Bureau explained that: price is not the only factor, and the safe and stable use of patients is the ultimate goalIn order to ensure the quality, only the consumables that have been used in the two city hospitals and recognized by the hospitals have the right to be shortlisted < br / > for products that have not been sold, the quality audit shall be conducted by the hospital (without considering the price factor) In practice, the hospital passed more than 10000 consumables in the quality selection process, but only 3000 consumables accepted the final price limit < br / > < br / > at the same time, can an enterprise apply for price reduction after the price is released? The plan points out that every enterprise has the right to quote once, if it is not shortlisted for the first time, then the product can no longer quote repeatedly < br / > the person in charge said: "the purchase volume of 130 medical institutions in two cities is a very large market If the enterprise does not give a good faith price for the first time, then it will not have the opportunity to participate in the negotiation." < br / > to ensure fairness: for low value disposable consumables, the price is already very low, and there is not too much room for reduction In this case, after expert review, they can still be shortlisted to ensure dealers' profits < br / > according to the purchase rules of Liaoyang City, in principle, only those who are shortlisted in the purchase catalogue will get the right to sell in hospital In addition to specific circumstances (such as patient demand), those who are not shortlisted will lose the purchase right of 100 medical institutions in two cities, which will undoubtedly have a greater impact on enterprises < br / > according to the person in charge of Liaoyang medical insurance bureau, in order to meet the needs of medical institutions, the scope of the catalogue has been expanded widely In principle, the consumables purchased by hospitals should be selected from the catalogue.
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