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    Interpretation of the global drug market preview report of evaluatepharm

    • Last Update: 2014-06-26
    • Source: Internet
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    Source: Chengshu investment on June 26, 2014, evaluatepharm, the world's leading industry and market research company in the field of medical and health, released the preview report of global drug market "world preview 2014, outlook to 2020" yesterday, which made a detailed analysis and forecast of the global drug market in the next seven years, especially the prescription drug market, and made a detailed analysis and forecast of 2013 The operation of the global pharmaceutical market in was reviewed We are here to share with you the core content of the report Market overview according to the statistical forecast of evaluatepharm, the global prescription drug market will reach US $1017 trillion in 2020, an increase of 41.84% compared with us $717 billion in 2013, and the compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2020 is 5.1% R & D Progress in 2013, the global drug R & D investment reached US $137 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.1% It is expected that the R & D cost CAGR in 2013-2020 will be 2.4%, 1 percentage point lower than the compound annual growth rate in the past seven years (2006-2013) In terms of the value of research products, evaluateparm uses the method of net present value to evaluate the current value of products under research in the whole industry of US $419 billion, among which nivolumab, a product of Bristol Myers Squibb Company in the third phase of clinical stage, is rated as the most valuable product under research, which is mainly used for the treatment of melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer and other tumors It is expected that 2020 Annual sales will exceed $6 billion In terms of new drug approval, FDA approved 35 new drugs in 2013, 25 of which are chemical new molecular entities and 10 are biological products It is expected that the sales volume of these newly approved drugs in the U.S market will reach 24.4 billion US dollars five years after they are put on the market, and Gilead's anti hepatitis C drug sovaldi contributes a lot In the field of treatment, tumor is still the largest sub category in 2013, with a market size of 72.8 billion US dollars, a year-on-year growth of 7%, accounting for 9.7% of the global RX & OTC drug market share The fastest growth is in the field of multiple sclerosis, with a year-on-year growth rate of 14%, which is mainly driven by products such as tecbidera of Baijian Aidi, gilenya of Novartis and Copaxone of TIWA pharmaceutical The market of lipid-lowering drugs decreased by 20%, mainly due to the expiration of Pfizer star product Lipitor patent In the future, cancer is still the fastest-growing segment with the largest market capacity Evaluateparm expects that the global anti-tumor drug market will exceed US $153 billion in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 11.2% The main driving force for the growth comes from nivolumab, mk-3475 of Merck, kadcyla, perjeta and other products of Bristol Myers Squibb There were 435 cases of venture capital in 2013 Although the number of investment cases decreased slightly compared with 2012, the amount of investment involved was 6.34 billion US dollars, up 10% year on year In the 435 investment cases, the largest one is the f round financing of Intrexon company, involving 150 million US dollars In terms of M & A, a total of 174 cases were included in the statistics in 2013, involving a transaction amount of US $60 billion, up slightly from 2012 Among the 174 M & A cases, Amgen's M & A of Onyx pharmaceuticals is the largest one, involving US $10.4 billion in transaction value.
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