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    Introduction to frequently asked questions and answers about electric heating jackets

    • Last Update: 2022-05-02
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    About the introduction of common questions and answers about the electric heating mantle Question: Can the flask touch the wall of the electric heating mantle, and will there be uneven heating? Answer: Yes, we often heat and distill in the electric heating mantle! But the temperature does not exceed 180 degrees


       There should be a problem with uneven heating, it's not a water bath after all

       Question: Can a flat-bottomed flask be heated for a long time with an electric heating mantle? (Usually, a round-bottomed flask is used for heating because of its uniform heating and high pressure resistance

    However, I have seen several articles on "Analysis of volatile components in cut tobacco".
    and distilled water in the flat-bottomed flask, heated with an electric heating mantle to distill its volatiles


    I would like to know, if the flat-bottomed flask can be heated with an electric heating mantle, how long can it be heated for the longest time? What range of temperature is maintained? The electric heating mantle voltage can be adjusted , Usually the concern is not whether the glass is melted or not, but the problem of fragmentation caused by uneven heating of the flask

    ) Answer: It can be heated

    Generally speaking, the wall thickness of the flat-bottomed flask is not particularly thick, the heat conduction is good when heating, and the electric heating mantle will not heat locally like a flame, so generally speaking, it will not be dangerous~ Question: Attached The picture of the electric heating jacket, I don't know what type of heating jacket this heating jacket is? The heating jacket I checked on the Internet seems to be in the wrong shape? And this experiment requires the temperature of the pyrolysis column to be 450-500 degrees, but I did not find the heating jacket To reach this temperature, the heating temperature of the three-necked flask is about 400 degrees.
    Is it partly dependent on this heat to make the temperature of the pyrolysis column reach the required temperature? Answer: Hello! Generally, the electric heating mantle can only be heated to 380 degrees


    If you want a higher temperature, you need to customize or replace a heating thing.
    Our company specializes in customizing high-temperature electric heating jackets (the high temperature reaches 600 ℃)


       Question: There is an electric heating mantle in the laboratory.
    It has been used for more than a year, and now it does not heat up.
    What is going on, can it be repaired? (Electric heating mantle repair) Answer: Most of the fuses are blown, so replace the fuse


    If the heating wire is broken, then replace it with a new one.
    For something like an electric heating jacket, you can buy a new one for the repair price


       Question: How to use the voltage of the electric heating jacket to control the reaction temperature, if the voltage is controlled at 110 degrees, how many volts is appropriate? Answer: The electric thermocouple monitors the temperature of the electric heating equipment, and then gives a signal to the thermostat (the actual temperature is compared with the set temperature), and then the temperature The controller then applies voltage to the solid state relay to turn on the relay so as to heat from the electric heating device.
    When the electric thermocouple monitors the same temperature as the set temperature, the relay stops working to realize the temperature control of the electric heating jacket


       Question: During the heating process of the electric heating mantle, the bottom smoked and burned black.
    What is the reason? The temperature is 220 degrees, is it because it is too high? Answer: The temperature is not too high, it should be able to heat to more than 300 degrees


    If it burns black, it means that the furnace wire is leaking out, so be careful

       The above is the introduction to the common questions and answers about the electric heating jacket.
    I believe that everyone has a corresponding understanding of this after reading, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone


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