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    Is canned yellow peaches really that amazing?

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, in addition to Lianhua Qingwen, ibuprofen, and antigen reagents have been repeatedly searched, canned yellow peaches have also quickly become popular all over the country
    What is the magic of canned yellow peaches? On January 6, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a consumption reminder

    Canned yellow peaches have no medicinal effect
    When people are sick and have a fever, body fluids are easy to lose a lot, appetite becomes worse, and canned yellow peaches can not only replenish water, yellow peaches soaked in canned sugar water can also boost appetite, quickly replenish energy, and help the recovery of the human body
    In addition, sweets can also increase serotonin in the body, which has the effect
    of relieving stress and improving mood.
    Not only that, yellow peaches are also very nutritious, rich in vitamin C, carotene, lycopene and a variety of trace elements, which have a certain effect
    on promoting metabolism and improving immunity.

    However, canned yellow peaches have no medicinal effect, and eating fruit cannot replace drug treatment
    If you are infected with the new coronavirus, use drug treatment scientifically; When the symptoms are serious, you should go to the hospital in time and cooperate with the doctor for scientific treatment

    Canned sugar water should be drunk
    Canned yellow peaches are mainly made of yellow peaches, water, and white sugar, so canned yellow peaches have a higher
    sugar content.
    The water in canned yellow peaches, mainly sugar water pickled in yellow peaches, can be drunk
    in small quantities.
    Due to the high amount of sugar, it is not recommended to drink too much at one time or for a long time
    Especially people with high blood sugar need to drink with caution to avoid aggravating
    the disease.

    Don't worry about preservatives
    Some consumers are concerned about the addition of excessive preservatives
    to canned food due to its long shelf life.
    However, on the contrary, canned food is one of the
    foods with very little added preservatives.

    In general, canned food can kill most of the microorganisms
    in food after sterilization.
    In addition, canned food is tightly sealed, which can effectively block the entry of microorganisms outside the container, so that canned food has a long shelf life
    The National Standard for Food Safety for the Use of Food Additives (GB2760-2014) stipulates that in canned food, except for canned bayberry, bamboo shoots, sauerkraut, edible fungi, nuts, canned meat, which require a very low dose of preservatives, the rest (including canned yellow peaches) should not add preservatives

    The Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers:

    When the cough symptoms are obvious, it is not advisable to eat canned yellow peaches to prevent the symptoms from worsening;

    When purchasing, check whether the outer packaging is complete, whether there is leakage, and do not buy expanded cans or rusty cans;

    Canned yellow peaches should be eaten as soon as possible after opening, if there is a taste of alcohol, it may have deteriorated, and it is not recommended to continue to eat it to avoid diarrhea, abdominal pain and other discomfort

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