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    Is frozen yogurt more nutritious than ice cream?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Frozen yoghurt is a kind of dessert similar to ice cream, but its ingredients are more than cream

    It's healthier than ice cream, so many people use it as an alternative

    But understand that although frozen yogurt is richer in minerals and nutrients than ice cream, it is still not as healthy as regular yogurt, which is a fact that many people ignore

    Yogurt is a kind of fermented food, in which active bacteria are added to milk

    These bacteria stimulate milk to ferment and release lactic acid, which in turn thickens and clumps milk protein, and also acts as a defense against harmful bacteria

    Only yoghurt with active bacteria retained in the final product can be called real yoghurt

    When people consume these yoghurt, they will bring active bacteria into the body to help other beneficial bacteria

    Yoghurt (or its frozen yoghurt products) has more benefits than other dairy products

    Perhaps the most important benefit is that yogurt contains enzymes that help break down dairy products, which help people with lactose intolerance digest yogurt without causing negative effects

    In addition, yogurt also contains a lot of protein and important minerals

    Many people think that the nutritional value of frozen yoghurt is between pure yoghurt and ice cream

    Although it also contains protein, it's only one-third of the content of regular yogurt, which is about the same as the amount of protein in ice cream

    Ice cream has a high fat content, accounting for 10-18% of the total weight, but the fat content of different frozen yoghurt products is very different

    It usually has less fat than ice cream, but is significantly higher than regular yogurt

    Although there are frozen yoghurt without fat, more sugar is often added than other kinds

    Frozen yoghurt is made in a similar way to ice cream

    It can also be made at home by ice cream machine

    Although yogurt is used instead of ice cream, the other ingredients are the same

    Frozen yoghurt is not as healthy as regular yoghurt because of the large amount of sugar added as ice cream

    The structural changes make the melting point of yogurt higher than that of milk, and make frozen yogurt keep frozen longer than ice cream at room temperature

    In short, frozen yogurt can be seen as a healthier alternative to ice cream

    It contains enzymes that help digest, and there are other health benefits in addition to sweetness and frozen forms

    But it should not be considered a healthy food because it also contains a relatively high amount of fat and a lot of sugar.
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