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    Is isolation cream really the golden oil of the beauty industry? How do I choose isolation cream?

    • Last Update: 2020-08-22
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    original title: Is isolation cream really the golden oil of the beauty world? How do I choose isolation cream?

    bring up the isolation cream, many people call it "the beauty industry's gold oil", because it can be isolated from ultraviolet light, radiation, skin and makeup, but also to isolate air pollution and all kinds of harmful substances, seems to be omnipotent. In fact, I want to say to my friends who haven't understood that we've been cheated for so many years. . .

    . First, the source of isolation cream

    the earliest emergence of the concept of "isolation", is in a female star's early sunscreen advertising campaign, "isolation of ultraviolet light, isolation of pollution, not afraid of sun, sun is not afraid." Because every day in the television screen, gradually many brands are scrambling to introduce isolation cream, so consumers are affected by it, really think that this thing can isolate pollution, isolation of ultraviolet light, in the final analysis, the essence of isolation cream is sunscreen or pre-makeup milk.

    you can pick up the isolation cream at hand and look at it (preferably a foreign brand) and write Primer on it, which was translated into isolation cream when it was introduced in China. Later, in order to sell considerations, it was given so many "super powers", creating a gimmick exaggerated efficacy. Later, some with the word Sunscreen (sunscreen), will also be translated into isolation cream, such as the bottle body has "UV, SPF50, PA" and other words, are actually sun protection products.

    but no matter how it is packaged, we just remember that there is no isolation cream in the world, all called "isolation cream", either sun protection or pre-makeup milk! These are simply external preparations consisting of water-packed oil-based substations made up of moisturizers, softeners, emulsifiers, and even a small amount of closed agents, and the isolation cream was deliberately created to add such a skincare procedure.

    , isolation creams are isolated what?

    . 1. Isolating bacterial dust?

    we have a natural sebum film to isolate these things, do not need to apply such a layer to the face! The human skin surface itself has a large number of bacteria composition micro-ecological, excess cover closed moisturizer, resulting in excessive skin burden, but will interfere with the skin's micro-ecological environment, leading to the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, interfere with the secretion of sebum, increase the risk of closed mouth formation and secondary acne inflammation rash, especially in the oily skin population.

    . 2. Isolated makeup?

    Now the design of makeup, in order to increase the skin's attachment effect and use of skin, itself will add some softeners and thickener ingredients, and makeup contains colorants and other particulate matter adhered to the skin, even if you use isolation cream, they will still block the pores, and the only effect of the isolation cream, may be that the emulsion thickener inside the makeup is not enough, extra fear of pores closed enough.

    . 3. Isolating UV rays?

    Some manufacturers in order to market, always want their products anything to touch point, so that the selling point on more points, we can compare those who claim to have a sun protection effect of isolation cream and positive sunscreen, although used is refreshing, but the sun protection index is mostly not as good as the positive sunscreen, but also not waterproof, easy to be washed away by sweat ... In short, chicken ribs can no longer chicken ribs, there is that idle money, buy a good use and efficient professional sunscreen, it is not fragrant?

    . 4. Isolating electronic radiation?

    We humans are always under electromagnetic radiation, the largest source of electromagnetic radiation is the sun, as well as all the daily life of light sources, power supplies, energy, etc. , are more or less with electromagnetic radiation, these can not be completely isolated. But the vast majority of electromagnetic radiation in life is very small, the damage to the human body and skin can be negligible, especially computers, mobile phones, and there is no so-called harmful radiation, otherwise like QQ, the face of mobile phone computer 145 hours a day and never used isolation, the skin has long been seventy-eighty. And really harmful ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, nuclear radiation, etc. , isolation cream is less likely to be isolated.

    , how do you tell if you're buying sunscreen or pre-makeup breast milk?

    first trick: look at keywords (for domestic brands

    Although the big names are called isolation, but the product keywords will be written in the end is sunscreen or pre-makeup milk.

    if the introduction of the product has "pre-makeup milk" three words, that is, used in the first step of the bottom of the foundation cream, can make your foundation more service, lasting.

    If the introduction of the product has "sunscreen" three words, no matter what its texture, the essence is sun protection, used in the last step of skin care, and must be coated enough to the size of a dollar coin, otherwise it can not play a good role in sun protection.

    second trick: look at the English name (for foreign brands)

    the English name appears Sunscreen/Sun-blocker/

    Protector/Block/Shield, all sunscreen.

    primer/Primer Base/Makeup Base/

    Base, all with pre-makeup milk.

    third trick: look at the ingredients

    If it is sunscreen, you will certainly add a lot of sun protection ingredients, and the ranking will be very high, for example.

    Leo sunscreen vs right makeup front breast milk" (Photo source: Beautiful practice)

    It is worth mentioning that the general pure physical sunscreen than chemical sunscreen sunscreen composition is more single, but the sun protection capacity is not inferior, we choose on demand.

    This fourth trick: look at the color

    the usual sunscreen is mainly white, milky white, pale yellow, even with a polish effect of sunscreen, squeezed out will not have fancy colors, you just use it as sunscreen, so don't ask isolation and sun protection first coated which, are the same thing.

    And the function of pre-makeup breast is mainly to brighten and correct the skin tone, so many will bring their own color, usually see pink, purple, green, pearly isolation cream, all belong to the pre-makeup cream Oh.

    of course, there are some makeup front milk is white or colorless, this also needs to refer to the previous few comprehensive judgment.

    this article Source: Dr. Chen Qiquan, Dr. Wang Tao


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