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    Is it worth the cross-border joint name, what big-name paint companies such as Nippon and Sankeshu are doing?

    • Last Update: 2021-07-27
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    With the rapid development of the economic era, mergers, resource integration, and cross-industry among all walks of life have become hot nouns in the current era
    Cross-industry can produce wonderful chemical reactions between two basically unrelated industries, so that consumers in two or more industries can become curious about each other's industries, and then produce consumption

    As an old-brand production industry, the coating industry has been immersed in R&D and production for decades.
    Industry people have been busy in the factory, sales chain, and production lines.
    But in a blink of an eye, the pendulum of time has entered the 21st century, and the rapidly developing Internet era is rushing to the face, and the information is exploding.
    In this era, the coating industry is either active or passive, and almost all employees have entered the Internet era


    Multidimensional • The cross-border

    coating industry is inseparable from the relationship between the construction industry and the waterproofing industry.
    Therefore, when coating companies start to cross the borders of construction, waterproofing and other industries, in a sense this means an ambition for comprehensive building materials companies


    In the recent past, the pattern of the waterproof industry has been constantly changing.
    There are three trees in the deep cross-border.
    Nearly, BNBM has acquired three well-known waterproof companies, namely Shuyang, Yuwang, and Golden Thumb, and has become one of the top 10 waterproofing oligarchs in the country.

    More and more "outsiders" are involved in the waterproof industry, constantly changing the pattern of the entire industry

    And coating companies are particularly involved in the waterproof industry


    In 2019, Sankeshu acquired Guangzhou Dayu Jiuding, marking Sankeshu officially set foot in the waterproof field

    In April 2020, Asia Chuangneng invested 400 million yuan to establish a waterproof material manufacturing base in Chuzhou, which is also the first waterproof material production base of Asia Chuangneng

    In October 2020, Nippon and JD.
    com jointly issued the "698 Standard for Good Joints for Ceramic Tiles", once again refreshing the standards for love, focusing on waterproofing, and providing consumers with anti-mildew and moisture-proof treatments for wet areas in kitchens and bathrooms, using professional services and services.
    Set an example in the industry


    December 2020, Beijing New Building Materials and Building Material asset management company signed a contract restructuring in Suzhou Waterproof Building Materials Research Institute Company Limited
    On the same day, BNBM issued an announcement stating that it would acquire 100% of the shares of China National Building Material Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute Co.
    , Ltd.
    at a price of 69,213,200 yuan


    New media • Cross-

    industry In recent years, live webcasts and co-branding of fashion brands have become popular, and head coating companies have also chased the trend and played a wave of fashion

    Although these paint companies are the "first people who eat crabs" in the industry, the outcome is good or bad, and whether it is appropriate or not, you can only know if you have tried it

    Nippon & Li Jiaqi &

    Wei Ya Nippon entered the live broadcast of "Brother Carrying" Li Jiaqi on May 19, and its product Nippon Mould and Water Resistant Wall Patch was sold out, and monthly sales soared to 70,000.


    On June 10, Wei Ya introduced the Nippon Silver-ion refresh service package in the live broadcast room
    "The biggest feature of Nippon Paint is good paint.
    It can help you provide a complete wall solution, including construction and materials

    " Wei Ya introduced


    As of 0:00 on June 11th, Nippon's refresh service had sold nearly 2,000 orders in 3 minutes in the Wei Ya live broadcast room, with 18 million+ views and 100,000+ visitors

    Three Trees & Pokémon A
    few days ago, Three Trees and Pokémon collaborated to launch a new blockbuster product: Three Trees BB Lacquer Pokémon co-branded models were officially launched
    This series of products is composed of 11 Pokemon-themed customized color paint products.
    The younger generation of consumers like Pikachu, Jenny Turtle, Little Fire Dragon, etc.
    can find their corresponding exclusive colors


    China Resources Paint & Disney
    China Resources Coatings has recently launched a new series of Wonders A+ series jointly with Disney-Wonder A+ special interior wall paint for Jinbang youth room, Wonder A+ special interior wall paint for marriage rooms, Wonder A+ special interior wall paint for Fukang parents’ room, full coverage The three important stages of life: gold list, good relationship, and well-being, allow young people to pursue their dreams freely, their marriages are happy, and the elderly are healthy
    With the increasingly fierce competition in the coatings industry, coating companies are no longer facing the era when they could single-handedly sweep the battlefield
    In the new competitive environment, many coatings companies are seeking "cross-industry cooperation" in order to expand the brand effect, complement each other's advantages, and desirable needs

    I have to admit that nowadays, not only the coating industry, for many companies, cross-industry cooperation, cross-industry alliances, and resource integration have become the mainstream
    The future competition will no longer be product competition, channel competition, but resource integration competition, and end consumer competition.
    Although I dare not say whether this method of cross-industry cooperation will gain a firm foothold, Continuous development, but from the perspective of the overall environment, this approach still has a certain importance, and can help most coatings and related industries win more and more useful development business opportunities


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