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    Is skimmed milk healthier? Full-fat milk isn't that scary!

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    Original title: Is skimmed milk healthier? Full-fat milk isn't that scary!
    with the deepening of people's understanding of nutrition, but also gradually understand the calculation of calories, understand that fat is a major source of calories. So in the supermarket, we can also see low-fat milk, skimmed yogurt and other more "healthy" food. So today we're going to talk about how different these fat-classified milks are.
    Dairy is a highly nutritious drink, from breast milk that we drink on the ground to dairy products recommended by dietary guidelines as we grow, milk and yogurt are closely related to the range of our foods. The 2016 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents also makes core recommendations for dairy intake, ingesting "a wide variety of dairy products per day, equivalent to 300 grams of liquid milk".
    fat (3.25 percent fat), low fat (1 percent fat) and skim (0 percent fat) are named for their different fat content. Full-fat milk is made by pasteurising cow's milk directly, while other milks remove fat particles by centrifugation, sometimes because the texture of skimmed milk is too thin, and some skimmed milk powder is added to enhance the taste (but there will still be a "no milk taste" feeling).
    is it good to skim or full fat? Is it skimmed milk on the altar, full-fat milk no longer has a position to speak of? Recent studies have shown that, in fact, full-fat milk is not as "horrible" as imagined, and there are three facts that need to be passed on to everyone:
    1. Children who eat low-fat or skimmed milk are more likely to develop obesity and diabetes;
    2. Whole-fat milk is more beneficial for weight loss and diabetes reduction, not only does not raise blood cholesterol, but also raises the beneficial HDL-3, the specific mechanism is not clear

    so ultimately which milk is right for you, but also to combine their own age and physical condition. Full-fat milk is more suitable for infants and young children; for obese, hyperlipidemia, while a 250ml glass of full-fat milk doesn't add much calories and fat, it may also be a good choice for balanced all-day meals, skimmed or low-fat milk; for diabetics, it's better to choose pure milk over added sugar or other flavored dairy products; and for others, choose according to their taste and taste, while paying attention to the amount you drink.
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