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    Is there formaldehyde in the coating?

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    Wonderful content paint as a decoration must-have materials we should all know it! Paint used to be called paint. the main components of
    coatings are resin, or oil, or emulsion-based, with the continuous development of the decoration industry in recent years, the demand for coatings is constantly growing, but the demand is also brought about some problems, that is, the formaldehyde problem in the paint, we know whether there is formaldehyde in the paint? Next small editor to introduce you to this problem! Paint containing formaldehyde paint generally refers to latex paint, latex paint is the main component of acrylic, he is using latex as a thinner, as long as there is glue inside will contain formaldehyde, building materials industry has an old saying "aldehyde-free non-glue", and formaldehyde can increase the service life of latex paint walls and anti-scrub performance.
    formaldehyde is a wide range of uses, the production process is simple, raw materials supply sufficient mass chemical products.
    is the trunk of the methanol downstream product tree, the world's annual production of about 25 million tons, 30% of the left and right methanol is used to produce formaldehyde.
    formaldehyde is a low concentration of aqueous solution, from an economic point of view is not convenient for long-distance transport, so generally in the main consumer market near the plant. Import and export trade is also very small.
    mainly used methanol oxidation and direct oxidation of natural gas in the industrial area.
    In addition to formaldehyde methods, the actual effect of large differences in the traditional family formaldehyde method, generally through ventilation, placement of green plants, the use of activated carbon, air fresheners and other methods for indoor formaldehyde removal operation, although these methods can receive some effect, but and completely eliminate formaldehyde, purifying the indoor environment there is still a certain distance.
    In particular, the use of some chemical agents in addition to formaldehyde, in the process of eliminating formaldehyde, but also will produce some harmful to the human body of chemicals, often not worth the loss, the air caused secondary pollution, the consequences can not be imagined.
    even more, the use of vinegar fumigation, grapefruit skin, green tea and other adsorption of formaldehyde, these practices have been proved by experts to have no scientific basis, is ineffective operation.
    1, open window ventilation.
    2, green plant absorption.
    green vegetation adsorption and window ventilation: characteristics, green plant treatment is too small, window opening is easy and limited by climatic conditions.
    3, put activated carbon.
    active carbon adsorption technology: the use of micro-hole technology to absorb chemical contaminants, formaldehyde, ammonia effect is very good;
    4, nano-photocatalytic technology: the use of nano-photocatalytic decomposition of formaldehyde;
    nanotechnology catalytic technology is effective, completely eliminate formaldehyde.
    : professional deformedehyde removal personnel are required to operate.
    5, masking technology (spray, painting): covering the source of contamination; defects: good surface, but formaldehyde is still slowly released.
    6, oxidation technology: the use of strong oxidation properties, decomposition of pollution;
    7, formaldehyde decomposition technology, the use of precious metal platinum at room temperature to break down formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, without any secondary pollution.
    8, mineral crystal formaldehyde remover: the use of volcanic rock, bentographic soil, sea foam, bump rod, diatom soil and other pure natural mineral crystals, the addition of nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials and air media and other materials.
    eliminate secondary pollution.
    is safe and effective.
    , applicable plant methods to remove formaldehyde, hanging orchids can absorb more than 80% of the harmful gases indoors, the ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong.
    general room to keep 1 to 2 pots of hanging orchids, toxic gas in the air can be absorbed, so hanging orchids and "green purifiers" of the United States.
    , tiger tail orchid leaf cluster, sword leaves just upright, the full edge of the leaves, the surface of milky white, pale yellow, dark green, with horizontal stripes.
    common family potted varieties, drought-resistant, warm sunshine, but also yin-resistant, avoid flooding.
    can absorb more than 80% of the harmful gases in the room, the ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong.
    , Ivy is the most ideal indoor and outdoor vertical greening varieties, ivy vines, branches thin and soft, with gas roots, can climb on other objects.
    strong deformedehyde.
    can break down two harmful substances, formaldehyde in carpets, insulation, plywood, and xylene, which is harmful to the kidneys hidden in wallpapers.
    , aloe vera perennate evergreen meaty plants, stems short, upright, leaf fat, juicy, needle-shaped.
    warm, dry climate, cold resistance is not strong, not resistant to shade.
    is not only a good hand at absorbing formaldehyde, but also has strong medicinal value, such as sterilization, beauty effect.
    has developed a lot of potted varieties, with a strong ornamental, can be used to decorate the room.
    , tequila perennational evergreen plants, plants tall, leafy gray-green or blue-grey, the edge of the leaves have thorns, yellow-green flowers.
    a warm, well-lit environment, drought-tolerant.
    plant is also a good place to absorb formaldehyde.
    , about paint containing formaldehyde? And the most effective way to remove formaldehyde has been introduced to you.
    so we must choose the paint in the future when the formaldehyde content is relatively low, so the damage to our body is also relatively low.
    is that everyone in the decoration of the house when do not rush to stay, should be appropriately separated from a period of time, formaldehyde smell scattered in the stay.
    to prevent formaldehyde, we can usually keep some plants at home, in order to purify the air, beautify the environment.
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