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    Is your CUI protective coating suitable for thermal application?

    • Last Update: 2021-03-24
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    Corrosion under insulation (CUI) causes millions of dollars in losses to the oil and gas industry every year.
    When water vapor enters the insulation layer, it usually accelerates the corrosion of the internal steel surface.
    If it is neglected, it may cause structural damage to the pipes, containers and other components inside the insulation layer.
    The stubborn illnesses in the industry like CUI are a huge problem for all kinds of equipment, and at the same time, they also pose more challenges to the maintenance plan .
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    Akzo Nobel's high temperature protection (HTM) series is designed to improve corrosion resistance, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of high temperature maintenance

    In order to achieve the best operating conditions for the plant, it is necessary to minimize downtime while improving efficiency.

    This means that the equipment cannot be shut down every time before maintenance work begins.
    Pipes, valves and vessels with high working conditions sometimes need to operate at temperatures as high as 205ºC (401ºF).

    Intertherm 2205

    Intertherm 2205 produced by International® is a professional temperature-insulating protective coating that can resist corrosion under the insulation layer and cyclic high temperatures within 205ºC (401ºF), with a maximum temperature resistance of 230ºC (446ºF).

    Intertherm 2205 has excellent application performance and can be manually painted on high temperature steel surfaces up to 205ºC (401ºF).

    -High temperature resistance, can provide corrosion protection below 230ºC (446ºF)

    -Hot construction of equipment operating at high temperature of 205ºC (401ºF)

    -Provide CUI protection, it can be cured after 10 minutes

    -Strong adhesion on clean steel surfaces with manual or electric tools (St2/SP2)

    -Suitable for brushing and rolling

    -Low content of volatile organic chemicals

    In order to improve the construction efficiency of maintenance projects, how to carry out painting construction when the equipment is running at high temperature has become more and more important for the oil and gas industry.

    The advantages of this initiative are obvious-equipment shutdown may cause losses of tens of thousands of dollars per hour, so "hot construction" operations are a key link in the overall maintenance plan.

    Spraying in a high temperature environment is completely different from construction in a normal temperature environment, and many factors need to be considered.

    Generally, owners and construction units will face the following challenges:

    -A large amount of solvent evaporates

    The solvent content of high-temperature coatings is usually higher than that of coatings used at room temperature.
    This shows that when spraying, a large amount of solvent will be quickly decomposed.
    This will bring health concerns to the constructors, and the volatilization of the solvent will also cause pinholes on the surface of the paint film.

    -Poor leveling performance

    The high temperature of the substrate will cause the coating to cure quickly, so the coverage is poor.

    -HSE control during construction

    This is a common problem in near-high temperature surface construction.

    Therefore, you need to be extra cautious and perform high-temperature operations after wearing appropriate protective equipment.

    -Difficult to paint

    Too fast curing of the coating also adds difficulty to the brushing methods commonly used in maintenance.

    The curing of the paint will also cause the bristles to condense within a few minutes, and the brush will be returned to the paint bucket when the temperature is high, which greatly shortens the service life of the entire paint bucket.

    On-site high temperature painting operation

    Typical case of on-site high temperature painting operation, Norway

    Typical case of on-site high temperature painting operation, China

    The paint film forms pinholes during the VOC volatilization process

    To illustrate some of these issues, we conducted benchmark studies using a series of coatings used on high-temperature steel surfaces.

    When selecting coatings for on-site operations, it is important to consider whether the product is suitable for the maintenance procedure.

    A key challenge faced by both the owner and the construction unit is that the product design of many thermal application coatings is based on the assumption of the construction environment of the new construction, so the ideal effect cannot be achieved under the construction conditions of high VOC volatilization and poor edge wetting retention.

    As a professional product for maintenance projects, Intertherm 2205 can still show excellent compatibility in a temperature environment of 205oC (401oF) and unsatisfactory construction conditions.

    The protective measures for high-temperature, hand-painted steel surfaces are more durable, ensuring continuous production without stopping work.

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