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    Issue 12/2022 - New adhesives for anode materials with a silicon content of more than 20%.

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    BASF has expanded its portfolio
    of Licity® anode adhesives for lithium-ion battery manufacturing.
    The second generation of Licity®2698 X F styrene-butadiene emulsion (SBR) adhesives are designed for silicone-containing systems with silica content of 20 wt%
    or more.
    In addition to the properties already found in the Licity® product family, the adhesive contributes to higher battery capacity, more charge-discharge cycles and shorter charging times


    In addition, Licity®2698 X F can be manufactured
    according to the biomass balance method.
    BASF can integrate biomass into the production process, and the biomass is transported to the production process of BASF's binders, and its active ingredients (i.
    recycled raw materials) are finally distributed into the binder products, contributing to carbon reduction in
    the lithium battery manufacturing industry.
    From the raw materials used in Licity's® binders to the delivery of the final product, BASF is committed to combining
    economic goals with environmental and social responsibility.


    Thorsten Habeck, Head of Fiber Bonding at BASF EMEA, explains: "The global market is accelerating the transition
    from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles.
    The use of our new binder, Licity®2698 X F, helps overcome the technical challenges
    of electric vehicle range and charging time.


    Licity® binders are designed to overcome the limitations of
    lithium-ion batteries' wide range of applications.
    This type of water-based binder has high colloidal stability, good compatibility with CMC, and excellent coating processability
    In addition, Licity® anode binder has high peel strength and excellent
    electrolyte resistance and electrochemical properties.


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