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    Issue 13/2021 - PTFE spraying technology solves the glass-lined repair problem

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    PTFE spraying technology solves the problem of glass-lined repair

    Recently, Shijiazhuang Zhenhua Enamel Repair Co.
    , Ltd.
    used its self-developed sprayed polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) technology to repair the partial damage of glass-lined equipment of a chemical enterprise in Inner Mongolia, which solved the problem
    that PTFE materials and glass-lined equipment were not easy to bond for many years.

    On-site local repair of glass-lined equipment has always been a difficulty in the industry, and it is difficult to find a suitable repair agent
    under the condition that the reaction medium is strong acid and alkali and there is a solvent.
    At present, the simplest solution is to use a resin repair agent or use tantalum to repair the damaged part with tantalum nail tantalum plate, but these methods have different problems and defects

    Sun Liren, general manager of the company, said that because PTFE has excellent chemical stability and can resist the erosion of all strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants and strong solvents within 200 °C, it is the best material
    to use PTFE to repair glass-lined equipment.
    However, PTFE plasticizing temperature is high, and non-bonding with various materials is a difficult point
    in construction.
    At present, they have summarized a complete set of repair solutions, infiltrating PTFE emulsion into the ceramic powder coating and replasticizing, and solving the problems of excessive thermal expansion coefficient of
    PTFE and porcelain layer caused by warping.

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