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    Issue 19/2018 - New silicone rubber benefits the adhesive industry

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    WACKER presented a range of newly developed room-temperature-curing one-component silicone rubbers
    at the Adhesives & Sealants Expo 2017 on September 19~21.

    ELASTOSIL®N2140 CN is a one-component, room-temperature curing, translucent silicone rubber that is easy to flow, has excellent mechanical strength, high body and bond strength, and elongation at break up to 350%.

    。 The product has good thermal stability and elasticity in the temperature range of -50 °C ~ 200 °C, and has excellent primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates (such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel, polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate), and is suitable for potting, coating and bonding sealing of electrical and electronic components

    VINNAPAS® ®EP 701K VAE is a polymer dispersion binder developed for paper adhesives on difficult-to-stick substrates, with low glass transition temperatures and excellent adhesion and cohesion
    Due to its high ethylene content, the product is ideal for laminating
    PVC, polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene films with coated and uncoated papers.

    VINNAPAS® ®EP 845 is designed for 3D sheet lamination vacuum blister formulations
    This product has excellent adhesion and heat resistance, making the surface of the skin smoother and less prone to peeling and peeling
    during long-term use.
    In addition, the product is very compatible with polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) and requires less PUD to achieve the same performance, helping to reduce production costs


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