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    Issue 19/2022 - High-efficiency anticoagulant coating material was successfully developed

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    Recently, Professor Li Junjie and Associate Professor Zhang Hong of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Tianjin University and the team of Professor Feng Shiqing of Tianjin Medical University have developed a high-efficiency anticoagulant hydrogel coating technology, which is not only suitable for a variety of medical device surfaces, but also has good durability, simple operation and easy industrial production

    Thrombosis and infection are major challenges
    for blood-contact biomedical devices in clinical applications.
    Nonspecific adhesion of proteins, bacteria, and platelets is a major cause of
    problems such as blood clots and infections.
    The superhydrophilic properties and excellent anti-protein non-specific adsorption properties of zwitterionic hydrogels show great application prospects
    in the construction of anticoagulant coatings on the surface of blood contact devices.

    To this end, researchers have developed a new zwitterionic hydrogel coating
    They applied the hydrogel coating to the inner wall of the circulating polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tube and assembled it into a rabbit arteriovenous hemibody blood circulation model
    The results after 2 hours of blood circulation showed that in the absence of anticoagulants, there was severe blockage in the PVC tube, and many adherent thrombus clots formed on the inner wall; The PVC tube coated with hydrogel not only maintains a high patency, but also observes a small number of platelets and red blood cells on the surface, but does not affect its coagulation and serum indicators

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